Fireside Chat with John Kay - Obliquity #bizbooks

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Books Management OD Podcasts and Webcasts Science Workplace Happiness business books chaos theory john kay obliquityAre you a fox or a hedgehog? Check out this podcast! During this 24 minute podcast, I chat with John Kay , author of Obliquity: Why Our Goals are Best Achieved Indirectly.

Leadership and the New Science

Deming Institute

The new science aspect provides the frame of reference of quantum physics and chaos theory. Leadership and the New Science: Learning about Organizations from an Orderly Universe by Margaret Wheatley does a good job of exploring how to view organizations as a system.

Org Systems and Chaos: Abstraction of Reality, Reality of Abstraction

Management Craft

I was talking with a very smart friend of mine last week about some of the complexities involved with USING systems theory and chaos theory in organizational systems.

Culture Is Chaotic

The Leadership Advisor

According to Chaos Theory (a mathematical field of study), its main premise is gaining understanding of the “ behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions “ This is nearly a definition of organizational culture in its most simplistic form.

Leadership and The Butterfly Effect

Linked 2 Leadership

The Butterfly Effect is a scientific theory that essentially says that a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. The Butterfly Effect.

Is Economics Ready for a New Model?

Harvard Business Review

Economic theories based on rational behavior have been called into doubt by recent events. If you want to learn about the subject, in fact, Hector's article is probably better — it's clearer in its descriptions of the relevant theories. But does that mean their theories and their way of going about their work are about to undergo wholesale change? The other big idea in the 1988 article was chaos theory.