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Leading Thoughts for April 16, 2020

Leading Blog

Jack Trout on the simple approach to success: “Trying harder, believing in yourself, walking on fire, and saying, ‘yes I can’ are not steps up the ladder of success. Source: The Power of Simplicity by Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin. I DEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives.

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19 Key Leadership Competencies & Behaviors from 29 Top Experts

Miles Anthony Smith

To succeed, a leader must learn to balance their relationships, time, strategic efforts and personal development. Not only does it provide tools and resources for those transitioning into a leadership role, it also includes development strategies for management teams who are overseeing the growth of new leaders. Leaders are developed!


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Let Them See You as Human

Persuasive Powerhouse

Discover areas you can unite with others on – agreement on similar interests or like mindedness on a topic will help develop connections. Turns out he was just a normal guy who loves trout fishing. Listen a lot and allow your curiosity about others to help you to formulate and ask some questions to move the conversation along.

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Don’t Take Work Stress Home with You

Harvard Business Review

Develop good mobile device habits. ” Develop good habits and rules that keep your tablets and phones from tethering you to work. Develop a support network of friends and mentors who can help you manage your professional stress so that it isn’t the burden solely of your significant other.

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The Brand Benefits of Places Like the Guinness Storehouse

Harvard Business Review

In fact, the quality time consumers spend within a brand experience can increase ROI and develop true engagement , leading to greater brand advocacy and actions over time. The principles of destination storytelling. One unifying theme. ” Rather than push every message possible, brand homes should narrowly focus on one central theme.

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