Which MBAs Make More: Consultants or Small-Business Owners?

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But the annual cash compensation only provides part of the pecuniary payoffs of the purchase of a small business because the entrepreneur also has a significant ownership interest in the company. The size of that ownership interest varies on how they structured their funding throughout the process, but for now let’s assume the entrepreneur has a 20% carried interest in the acquired company. We’ll also assume the entrepreneur acquired a $1.5 HBR STAFF.


Hiring Veterans Is Good Business. So Why Don't We Do It More Often?

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But consider this equally inscrutable language: The value is multiples of EBITDA, assuming the back-office cost synergy targets are achievable. These skills are augmented by the help of Dr. Tim Butler's CareerLeader , which helps students understand and plan for a fulfilling career, not just a one-off job. The result is a veteran who has the tools and confidence to immediately contribute, whether as an entrepreneur or in a company.