Sun.Jul 07, 2024

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Generosity: Leaders, Are Your Teams Uncomfortable w/ It?

Kate Nasser

Leaders who want employee engagement do well when they develop a culture of generosity. Would your teams welcome it? Before you jump in and say yes, explore these thoughts. The post Generosity: Leaders, Are Your Teams Uncomfortable w/ It? appeared first on

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Does Working From Home Help With Diverse Recruitment?

The Horizons Tracker

It’s pretty well established that a diverse workforce has benefits in terms of creativity and innovation, but achieving it isn’t always easy, especially when organizations place a lot of emphasis on things like culture, which can inadvertently encourage homogeneity. One of the proposed advantages of working remotely was that it would increase the diversity of the workforce by making work more accessible to working parents, the disabled, and others who are marginalized by on-premise,


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Quick Tips on How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Like a Pro

HR Digest

Are you often taken off guard by behavioral interview questions that stray away from your industry expertise to topics that are more introspective? Top behavioral interview questions are designed to peek into your psyche and explore how you perform in a pinch, which is exactly why they are so uncomfortable to answer. Despite the discomfort, there are ways you can master the art of answering situational interview questions accurately every time.

Tips 52
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Urban Design Affects The Racial Biases We Develop

The Horizons Tracker

Living in a city could be shaping how you unconsciously see race, making you more biased or less so. It all depends on how many people are around, how diverse the place is, and how segregated it feels. A new study from the Santa Fe Institute, mixing city math with individual psychology, gives us the lowdown. The study uses data and math to explain why some cities have more of this sneaky, or implicit, racial bias than others.

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How HR Can Create a Culture of Feedback

Employees want meaningful feedback. Without it, 98% disengage from their work (Zippia). But do your managers know how to support them? Use this Quick Start Guide to get the conversation started. Your workers don’t just want jobs; they want careers. Invest in your team by giving them meaningful feedback. 65% of employees want more feedback (Zippia). Workers who get daily feedback are 3x more engaged (Clear Company).