Fri.Nov 24, 2023

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Gratitude When You Don’t Feel It

Leadership Freak

Feelings aren't the final authority on noble behaviors. Gratitude is a practice. Express gratitude when you don't feel it as long as you believe it's the right thing to do.

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Economic Insights: Payment Diversity as a Retail Strategy

Women on Business

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Retail 100

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Embracing Vulnerability: How Executive Coaching Unlocks Authentic Leadership


In the realm of leadership, vulnerability is often perceived as a weakness. However, it’s quite the contrary. Vulnerability is a strength, a catalyst for growth and authenticity in leadership. Executive coaching plays a pivotal role in guiding leaders to not just recognize, but also embrace their vulnerabilities. In this article, we will delve into three common defense mechanisms against vulnerability – avoiding joy, perfectionism, and numbing behaviors – and explore how execut

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Pruning and Perfecting the Role of HR in the Digital Workplace

HR Digest

In the 1980s, computers started gaining importance within offices, and for a brief period, people struggled to adapt to the digital workplace. The employee experience was one wrought with confusion and apprehension as people did their best to adapt to the new technology that suddenly became a necessary qualification for work. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2030, the millennial population, or the “digital natives,” will make up 75 percent of the workforce, the first generati

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Recruit and Retain New Blue-Collar Talent

Blue-collar jobs have a branding problem. One company, GEON, partnered with Paycor to find the solution. Learn how to attract, engage, and retain blue-collar employees, helping them build meaningful careers – and support your company’s goals.

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5 Pillars for Democratizing Data at Your Organization

Harvard Business Review

Many companies have made becoming data-driven a goal, and yet many traditional organizations are still struggling to democratize data beyond the data experts. The authors state that companies must adopt a new management paradigm to truly democratize data, and offer 5 pillars to create a “data democracy”: 1) Broaden data access by rolling-out data catalogs and marketplaces, 2) stimulate the generation of data-driven insights through self-service, 3) level up data literacy with specific curricula

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Can GenAI Do Strategy?

Harvard Business Review

This article presents a classroom experiment that compared a strategy developed by a team of MBA students in the traditional way with one developed using a virtual AI assistant, which was an interactive tool that linked a tried-and-tested strategy toolkit as a plug-in to the generative AI underlying Chat GPT. The results of the two independent processes were largely similar, with the AI-assisted strategy being, if anything, more original.