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Optimism for Life

Orrin Woodward

Here is a super video that captures the essence of one of life's major lessons - Optimism! Thanks goes to Gerald for passing on to me. There is no quicker way to eliminate progress and leaders than to develop a 'woe is me' attitude

Personal Leadership Series – FLY or FALL? Five Tools for Critical.


In this Personal Leadership Series, Jonette Crowley, author and principle of Enlightened Leadership Solutions, presents five tools to assist us in flying, rather than falling during critical times—times of chaos, confusion and conflict

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Understand your role

Lead on Purpose

The importance of understanding your role in an organization cannot be overemphasized. When people work together — each person contributing to their area of expertise — great things happen. What can you — the leader — do to help people

Book Review: Bootstrapping – Weapon of Mass Reconstruction

Managing Leadership

The word “entrepreneur” is one of those that sends pulses racing and sets hearts a-fluttering among management gurus and organizational “leaders” around the world. It sparks images of boldness and creativity, daring endeavors and world-changing innovation. And so this term, which specifically refers to those who venture to launch new businesses, has become yet another superlative describing yet a new larger-than-life quality of the ever-celebrated hero-leader.

Fundamental Goal Discovery Template

Self Help Zen

Here is a template-for-discovery-of-fundamental-goal. More detail about Fundamental Goal is available here. You will need Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Excel Viewer (which is free) to view this file. The post Fundamental Goal Discovery Template appeared first on Self Help Zen. Self-Help

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The Performance Review & Some Ugly Truths | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

Last week, I wrote a post about “The Dreaded Performance Review”,something that everyone so loves to hate. For a while, this blog post kind of just sat there. Some people kindly picked it up on their Twitter radar but overall

Extreme Leadership in Asia

Steve Farber

I just came back from my first trip to China and Singapore, and it was a remarkable experience. I’ll post about my adventure soon, but for now here’s my interview with Singapore’s Human Resources Magazine.

If You Need to Say “If The Admins Think This is Spam, Please Delete,” DON’T POST IT

Managing Communities

If you come into an online community and you feel the need to include something like “if the admins think this is spam, please delete&# in a post, you should take this as an indication not to post whatever it is that you are about to post. Here is what the message conveys: I don’t care [.]. How Should I Participate


Managing Leadership

We noted yesterday that international law has traditionally held that if a government is tolerated by its people – that is, if they do not rise up and remove it, however bad it may be – then it must be viewed as fundamentally legitimate. Our interest with this idea on these pages is with how it relates to leadership.

We have found the enemy

Managing Leadership

From the beginning of the formal study of international law, one of its basic principles has been the concept of legitimacy of rule. And one of the key pillars of that is tolerance. That is, a government tolerated by those over whom it rules must be viewed as fundamentally legitimate by the international community. The form of this government may be antiquated. Its establishment may have been arbitrary. The manner of its application may be incompetent and even harsh.

Book Review: The Search for Leadership

Managing Leadership

Books on individual leadership, rather amazingly, continue to come out, and continue to promise great things from the superlative leaders their secrets will help readers become. What they also all do, though, is assume that there is no controversy regarding the location of leadership: it is in individuals, and emanates from them into the organizations which they grace with their presence.