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4 Ways CEOs Can Conquer Short-Termism

Harvard Business Review

Great stories are credible, simple, consistent, and use both financial and nonfinancial metrics to link a long-term vision and firm values with a distinctive business strategy and focused operational priorities. ” The blueprint included the company’s purpose, vision, values, and strategic goals, and fits on a single page.

You Can't Impress Stock Analysts.and Shouldn't Try

Harvard Business Review

Who declared 7 or 10 or 15 percent growth in earnings a sacrosanct pursuit, above all other corporate goals — like the innovation that leads to novel solutions that address customer needs? Nobody writes a paean to the search for 9 percent EPS growth. It's a strategic and operational straight-jacket. And yet.I

Why I'm Glad I Got Fired

Harvard Business Review

A friend of mine, Godfrey Sullivan , asked me to consider running the operations for the Americas unit at Autodesk. Here's what happened.