Transforming a Management System – A Case Study From the Madison Wisconsin Police Department

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This post in an excerpt from The Quality Leadership Workbook for Police by Chief David Couper and Captain Sabine Lobitz ( buy via Amazon ). The New Quality Leadership Workbook for Police. Step 3: Teach Quality Leadership. Train all organizational leaders in Quality Leadership.

How We Revolutionized Our Emergency Department

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To foster a common sense of urgency, every member of our leadership team was provided a copy of John Kotter’s “ Our Iceberg is Melting.” During rapid-improvement events, teams mapped processes and designed Ishikawa diagrams to aid in identifying cause and effects of waste.

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So why not build your thought leadership for your business and just happen to sell them something at the same time? Fishbone Becomes a Pillar Post ​The fishbone diagram, also known as an Ishikawa , is traditionally used to determine possible causes to a problem.