All For One: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

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0710 | Writing the Org Chart in Pencil with Liann Eden


Liann Eden is the co-founder of Eden McCallum, a consultant firm with no consultants. Under New Management. Under New Management Preorder Bonuses. Using an innovative organizational design, Eden is able to bring the brightest consultants to client projects by forming bespoke teams. In this interview, we talk about how the model developed and why writing the org chart in pencil is the way of the future. Listen in iTunes ] [ Listen on Stitcher ].

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What Happens When All Employees Work When They Feel Like It

Harvard Business Review

Do you work for a firm where managers think employees really have to work (what is called) “full time”? The management consulting firm Eden McCallum, from London, does strategy work much like McKinsey, the Boston Consulting Group, and Bain – but with one important exception: none of its roughly 500 consultants are on the payroll. Eden and McCallum’s idea was: Come work for us! Is Eden McCallum the ideal employer for everyone?

Morning Advantage: Take My CFO, Please

Harvard Business Review

At first blush, it sounds like something straight out of the mind of Scott Adams, but John McCallum's guide to management one-liners in the Ivey Business Journal has its sincere merits. McCallum mines the cannon of executive aphorisms from the likes of Stephen Covey and Warren Buffett — but also Socrates, physicist Lord Kelvin, and Donald Rumsfeld — for those pithy phrases that really do capture the essence of common situations.

What So Many Strategists Get Wrong About Digital Disruption

Harvard Business

Consider the management consulting industry. A company that understood this well is Eden McCallum. Eden McCallum shows that not all disruption need to be digital. “Digital is coming and it’s coming fast”; “No industry sector is immune to disruption”; “One thing is certain about digital transformation: It will be a big change for your entire organization”; “Digital will disrupt your industry.”