Pricing Strategy: Pricking the Veil of Value Exchange

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Pricing Strategy : Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts and Establishing Price Structures by Tim J. Evaluating the willingness to pay of millions of customers requires the development of a new corporate capability.

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Five Good Reasons to Champion Auto-Analytics in Your Organization

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Below are five pointers to frame and guide the conversation for technology geeks and practitioners to champion the use of auto-analytics in their businesses: Auto-analytics can be understood within the tradition of scientific management. Management science has its roots in experimentation and productivity improvement. Yet embedded in this tradition is the assumption that improving worker productivity is something done by an outsider observer (manager or consultant like Taylor).

Where Open Innovation Stumbles

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When I urge managers in a company to make open innovation part of their innovation strategy, they get it conceptually. FVA commissioned Aachen University to manage a selection process and trial study, and the selection committee found us at NineSigma most suitable to conduct a series of technology searches. For example, for the durable, non-lubricated gear materials problem, the search yielded 16 new solutions versus 6 known. Change management Execution Innovation

How an NBA Team Thinks About Data, Talent, and Pricing

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We talk about things like yield management, demand curves, and perishable inventory — factors that dictate our pricing strategies. Strategy execution Managing uncertainty Managing organizations Basketball is on the brain in March.