LeadershipNow 140: December 2013 Compilation

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10 Reasons why Managers are Clueless about Leadership by @greatleadership. Mike Henry Sr: Humility : The 5th Sense of Character-based Leadership. The One Leadership Responsibility You Must Accept by @Starbucker. Four Senses of Character-Based Leadership by Mike Henry Sr.

Culture – The Secret To Helping Align Organizational Goals

Tanveer Naseer

Leon Festinger, the social psychologist, discovered that tension is caused when people find themselves engaged in behaviours that are making them successful yet running counter to their attitudes and beliefs. 3 Leadership Lessons To Keep Your Organization From Running Aground Are You Using These 4 Steps For Organizational Success? business communication culture Guest Posts leadership Recent Posts alignment behaviour beliefs change feedback goals strategy values

Goal 194

With New York Schools Appointment, Bloomberg Did it His Way

Harvard Business Review

Cathleen Black's appointment raises, first, the perennial question: Is leadership a highly contextual capability? According to Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance , people seek to avoid inconsistency, and one way of accomplish that is to adjust their attitudes to be consistent with their behaviors. Tags: Education Leadership Politics Mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting his way and Cathleen Black will take over from Joel Klein as Chancellor of New York City Schools.