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Power Dynamics and the Formation of False Memories in the Workplace


Here’s how: Coercive Influence : In instances where managers apply pressure or manipulate situations, employees may be influenced to align their recollections with the narrative presented by those in authority. Source : Festinger, L. The balance of power can sway how we remember events, leading to the creation of false memories.

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LeadershipNow 140: December 2013 Compilation

Leading Blog

10 Reasons why Managers are Clueless about Leadership by @greatleadership. Leon Festinger, the social psychologist that coined the term “ cognitive dissonance ” in 1957, makes this observation. Smoothing the Creases : 5 Ways to Manage Conflict in the Workplace by Eunisse De Leon. How Leaders Can Ride the Storm by @LaRaeQuy.

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Culture – The Secret To Helping Align Organizational Goals

Tanveer Naseer

So how can management insure that the organization’s culture is properly aligned with strategy? Next, train people in the new behaviours, have management model them, and provide feedback loops so that people can see how their behaviours get results. Get managers to model and promote key behaviours. Dr. George H.

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The Fatal Flaw with Anger Management Programs

Harvard Business Review

Handling conflict is one of the most difficult aspects of any manager''s job. In the 30 years I''ve worked with C-level executives, I''ve noticed that playing King Solomon to warring colleagues has gotten even harder, thanks to the "anger management" programs designed to eradicate intense emotions in the workplace.

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With New York Schools Appointment, Bloomberg Did it His Way

Harvard Business Review

Black has no management experience in education — her entire career has been spent in magazine publishing — and her contact with the public school system in New York has been very limited. The contretemps over this appointment brings to mind three classic management issues, and research about them that is too often ignored.