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Excellence is a Drive from Inside, Not Outside

Self Help Zen

A man once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an idol. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby. Surprised, he asked the sculptor, “Do you need two statues of the same idol?”. Well,” said the sculptor without looking up, “We need only one, but the first one got damaged at the last stage.”. The gentleman examined the idol and found no apparent damage. Where is the damage?” he asked. There is a scratch on the nose of the idol.”

25 Tips to Selling in a Recession | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

I have always believed that everyone is always selling – whether they are in the profession of sales or not. So the topic of sales has always been fascinating to me. Everyone is selling but not everyone knows that they are selling

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Time to Breathe, Think and Make Your Dreams Come True

Women's Leadership Exchange

We all race around as if the more we do, the more successful we will be.and it's not true. The new ideas, the right connections, come when we breathe, and take time to think about our business. Only then can we shape it to fulfill our dreams and the current market needs. Please don't hate me when I say, maybe this recession is a good thing. The slowdown of business forces us to reassess, rethink and. really go deep to say,"is this really what I want my life to be like?"

Dare to Challenge FEAR

Anese Cavanaugh

What does failure have to do with action? I wrote an article on daring to celebrate failure. I spoke about the learning and growth and opportunities that we can find when we allow ourselves to really celebrate and learn from our failures. A couple of months later, I’m curious how that’s settled for readers. Curious what that article, the exercise provided, and the invitation to truly celebrate failure may have brought up for you. Resistance? Permission? A sigh of relief? Just notice.

Dare to Elevate Engagement

Anese Cavanaugh

Did you know: 21% of the global workforce considers themself actively engaged in their work right now (loyal, passionate, positive, enjoying their work.) 38% are actively disengaged (meaning they’re complaining, bringing morale down, looking for another job, etc.) And the remaining 41% aren’t sure where they stand. Does that suprise you?

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