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What You Can Do to Improve Ethics at Your Company

Harvard Business Review

Some of these activities included inherent conflicts of interest; others simply caused leaders to have to act counter to their values (loyalty, for example). Work with advisory functions such as legal, compliance or human resources? If you find you need to speak up, there will be a number of choices to be made.

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Ten Essential Tips for Hiring Your Next CEO

Harvard Business Review

When we asked the chief human resources officers at a number of major companies whether they had a coherent system in place to evaluate and compensate the CEO’s succession performance, most reported that their firm had none. Review outside consultants carefully to prevent conflicts of interest.


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Dating the boss, crossing an invisible line?

HR Digest

The problem is that office romance doesn’t sit well with human resources, especially when you’re hooking up with someone within your chain of command. There are also multiple possibilities of potential conflicts of interest that can be hard to resolve. Your affair could be fodder for office gossip.

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When Transparency Backfires, and How to Prevent It

Harvard Business Review

A paper by Daylian Cain, George Loewenstein, and Don Moore, published in the Journal of Legal Studies, demonstrates that when salespeople disclose conflicts of interest, destructive behavior can emerge down the line. What insights are you really trying to acquire, and how will you use them to improve the business?

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StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – The Ugly Truth About Partisan Public Project Labor Agreements

Strategy Driven

With more than twenty-five years of human resource and management consulting experience, Wendy has spent most of her career at the University of Michigan. A member of the Society of Human Resource Management, she received a leadership award in 2002 from the Midwest College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.

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