Jack Welch’s Approach to Breaking Down Silos Still Works

Harvard Business Review

At the same time, Tom was looping in supply chain partners, as well as quality, sales, and finance teams that were dispersed around the globe. These sessions physically brought together all the people who were working on different aspects of a single customer program, including the program manager, the 20-30 key engineers and experts involved, and managers from functions like procurement, sales, and finance.

Welch 12

Who Owns Your Customer Relationships: Your Salespeople or Your Company?

Harvard Business Review

Finance puts the systems in place to track the money coming in. Marketing designs the promotional campaign. A sales model that pays salespeople almost entirely on commission and gives them exclusive "ownership" of customers often works for a while for products in unsaturated markets. When competitors entered the market and customers became more price-sensitive, sales growth slowed, and the value that salespeople added no longer justified their pay level.

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6 Reasons Platforms Fail

Harvard Business Review

For years Apple’s market penetration hung in the single digits. Google Android quickly lost market share to the new versions. But by early 2015 they stopped accepting new submissions to their open market and discontinued their API support for external developers.

Blockchain Could Make the Insurance Industry Much More Transparent

Harvard Business Review

In effect, they all had skin in the game, which remains one of the most elusive elements of modern finance. This gap between insurers and customers can be widened into a gulf by trust brokers, who dominate the top-heavy insurance brokerage market and benefit from its opacity and byzantine operating standards. Part of the reason insurers are wary of insuring tangible assets in developing markets is the fear of fraud and losses that cannot be validated.

Why the X Games Won’t Dethrone the Olympics

Harvard Business Review

A “ new model for how winter sports are done” that “feeds an audience hunger for life-treating daredevilry” and drives “ high market penetration and. We don’t know enough of its finances to know precisely how successful it has been, but with tens of millions of viewers and sponsorship packages north of $2 million, it is a good bet that ESPN has done well on its bet. Next, can the disruptive idea improve to move into broader market segments?