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HR should be at the heart of process improvement

Chartered Management Institute

I wrote recently about the importance of placing people at the heart of your process improvement efforts and avoiding the trap of focusing on technology. The key to achieving this is having organisational development as a core part of what your HR department does, with process improvement then a key part of that continuous improvement.

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Macro Maps Help You Align Processes and Strategy

Strategy Driven

Many thanks to my colleague Jerry Talley for initially developing this concept of a Macro Map. Some organizations create a Business Architecture graphic to show how business strategy, functions, processes, technology and data relate. Want to learn more about BPM metrics? A Macro Map can help. About the Author.

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Uniting the Religions of Process Improvement

Harvard Business Review

When they set out to turn around processes that have become woefully inefficient or ineffective, most companies choose one of four process improvement "religions": Lean , Six Sigma , Business Reengineering or Business Process Management (BPM). Most missionaries of the BPM religion come from a heritage in information technology.

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How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

Harvard Business Review

Theories and practices of management often spring from the opportunities created by new technologies. Client-server technology begat enterprise resource planning systems, and the consequent system-wide visibility that was required for what we call business process management (BPM). How organizations are changing.

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Adventure Team Challenge 2011


Hearing my heart rate monitor (provided by our sponsor EKHO ) signal that my heart elevated over 152 bpm (target rate), Sue said, “Gary, you’re doing great! I know that No Barriers learned a lot from this year’s challenge about the equipment that needed to be developed to make this kind of experience possible.

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Avoid the Improvement Hype Cycle

Harvard Business Review

Fed by consultants, gurus, technology vendors, and academics, their enthusiasm for a particular process improvement method takes on a religious tone (as I described in my last post.) To understand the strengths and weaknesses of different process religions, develop a network of people with experience in each one.