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While this is understandable, it is nonetheless naive, and it constitutes a major flaw in the business logic of most strategic plans. This is so much the case that the most often overlooked aspect of strategic planning is adequately addressing contingencies as part of the planning process. Smart leaders view obstacles as a constant rather than a variable, and incorporate that thinking into their planning.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

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Plan for the future. When your business has contingency plans for future scenarios you will seldom be caught by surprise. Most successful businesses have planned responses to most scenarios because they took the time to think “What If”. Development of technical abilities, specialties and expertise. Development of core business supplier relationships. Plans are in writing to address inventories and reducing surplus. Finance charges are negotiated.


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10 Communication Tips for Leaders

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While developing an understanding of great communication skills is easier than one might think, being able to appropriately draw upon said skills when the chips are down is not always as easy as one might hope for. It is the ability to develop a keen external awareness that separates the truly great communicators from those who muddle through their interactions with others. Open dialogs with those that confront you, challenge you, stretch you, and develop you.

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3 Emerging Market Risks Companies Should Watch for in 2018

Harvard Business

Top leaders tend to focus more on status updates than on contingency planning. When it comes to risk in Mexico, companies are paying attention to the fraught NAFTA negotiations, but not the domestic politics that could damage business plans far sooner than any NAFTA changes. Either candidate’s success could cause sufficient uncertainty for Brazilian businesses to put the brakes on investment plans. miragec/Getty Images.

The Olympics as a Story of Risk Management

Harvard Business Review

Simulations of security incidents were rehearsed, and contingency plans for mass evacuations or emergency situations were put in place. In the run-up to the London 2012 Olympics, for example, the global financial crisis caused private developers for the Olympic Village project to withdraw, requiring a refinancing package backed by government. Ensuring readiness for Games-time (in Olympic-speak) now involves strategic pre-emption through stress-testing and scenario planning.

Fixing the Euro Zone and Reducing Inequality, Without Fleecing the Rich

Harvard Business Review

Increasing inequality of income and wealth has occurred across the developed world for the past 30 years, with the majority of the gains from technology, globalization and deregulation accruing to a small minority in each country. So one solution suggested by a growing number of economists in Europe is for central banks to “helicopter drop” money , and directly finance private sector spending. What do deflation and rising inequality have in common?


What a Changing NAFTA Could Mean for Doing Business in Mexico

Harvard Business

While consumer spending has proven resilient, with same-store retail sales rising 6% YOY in April , most multinational corporations are developing contingency plans to mitigate risks to their businesses and reassessing the country’s role in their global market portfolio and supply chains. In this scenario, which most now deem highly unlikely, multinationals would require a full strategic reset for their short-term operating plans.