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Which Version of the Bible Should I Buy as a Gift?

Ron Edmondson

(This diagram is attributed online to, although I could not find it on their site now.). Every year, especially at Christmas time, one of the most common questions I receive from people in my church and online is “What Bible version should I buy as a gift?”

Reminder: The Introvert’s Guide to Success Launches Sunday

C-Level Strategies

I’m looking at the calendar and realizing it’s only two short days until the official launch of my new eBook, “ The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership ,” and I’m simply giddy with anticipation. Why so giddy?

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How To Stop Sucking (By Building A Personal Leadership Brand)

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Career Development Leadership Development Self Leadership Nobody wants to suck. At the same time, the world of work is changing in ways that make it harder and harder to stand out. As a leader in this strange climate, we must constantly be finding new ways to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace. In order to thrive, we must [.] How To Stop Sucking (By Building A Personal Leadership Brand).

Brand 61

Lynn Margulis, Trailblazing Theorist on Evolution, Dies at 73 - []

ReThink HR

biology LynnMargulis evolution


Can a Woman Be a Great Leader of Men?

Linked 2 Leadership

If we are going to have an intelligent discussion about women in leadership positions, we need to open and honest about what really works. So take off any blinders or colored glasses that you may be wearing and get ready for this… Ground Rules for Discussion Firstly we must accept that women and men do [.].

Team 31

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In Praise of Men

Erika Andersen

I love to feel grateful – it’s one of my favorite emotions. Which is why, I believe, I’m so very fond of Thanksgiving.

Peer-to-Peer Small Business Loans Beat the Big Banks On Just About Every Count (& Not Just Because They’re The Only Ones Doing Any Real Lending).

Women on Business

Guest post by Dan Azeroual. There’s no question that the big banks & Wall Street are under Congressional and regulatory siege (or is it the other way around?). The reason, of course, is that if Washington is going to bailout the too-big-to-fail banks, then Washington needs to show everyone, from the “Occupy Wall Streeters” to the Tea Partiers, that it’s going to be calling the shots, all the way down Wall Street, to keep the bankers in line to prevent another financial fiasco.

Navigating The Seven C’s Of Growth… The Second C: Competing on Capabilities

Business Learning Coach

By Jim Grinnell, Ph.D. Part III of VIII In 1962 Sam Walton opened his first “five and dime” in the sleepy little town of Bentonville, Arkansas. In 1967 Southwest Airlines was but an idea batted about by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King over a couple of drinks and dinner.

Sales For All Seasons

Women on Business

As we all rush out to do some holiday shopping and retailers put their best foot forward, as a small business owner you want to be sure that. your sales don’t cripple your business. Attracting new customers is great, but what you want is repeat business and customer loyalty. Stick with these tips and build a relationship, not a sale. Listen to your customers. While it is tempting to sell only the things that you think are important, without your customers you don’t have anything. So when they.

The Important Little Things


Clear the desk of the major items for a moment, be they urgent or not urgent. Consider the small things that can be a much greater influence on the quality of your day than may be acknowledged. Many years ago, I learned the importance of wearing comfortable shoes.

Pure Accountability

Strategy Driven

One of the reasons I have always loved high school wrestling as a sport is that a competitor lives and dies on his or her own merits… yes… females are becoming more prevalent in High School wrestling.

Bate: The Real Stuff


The incomparable Nicholas Bate on The Stuff School Simply Forgot to Mention


Leading with the brain in mind

Brilliant Leader

In October I wrote an article introducing the SCARF model that has been developed by Dr David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute. Today, I’d like to take the concept further by exploring some of the key activities that might provide a threat stimulus and therefore, an away reaction versus those that provide a reward stimulus [.]. Uncategorized Leadership Leadership Development leadership motivation leading versus managing SCARF

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The trailers for: " Boccaccio '70 " " The Pianist " " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo " " Five Came Back " " Morocco " " Mephisto " " The Crawling Eye


Have Serenity with Your Being and Consequences Thereof

Utpal Writes

“A successful professional life without fulfilling inner peace is fool’s gold.”. Self-Help Personal Development power of choice

The Beauty of Cheese


Cultural Offering has the video

A Black Friday Jolt of Leadership Caffeine-Book Promotion and Helping Hand

Management Excellence

Note from Art: It's a great time of year to think of the people doing the heavy lifting for you. What better gift than one filled with ideas, inspiration and a call to action in pursuit of great results. Any and all of my profits from the book sale here will be donated to a local Chicago-area Food Pantry during this Holiday Season. Current Affairs Leadership Leadership Caffeine Leadership Caffeine Book Promotion Professional Development

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If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster. Clint Eastwood


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The only directive Ross ever gave me for writing the "Letter from Paris" for his then new New Yorker magazine in the early summer of 1925 was succinct, characteristic, and perfect, and thus remained unchanged. "I I don't want to know what you think about what goes on in Paris. I want to know what the French think," he instructed me. He was still trying to add the personal significance of his constructive, energetic mentality to his four-month-old frail, humorous periodical.