Sun.May 20, 2018

On Disrupting Yourself


I created a series of sketch notes for Tiffani Bova’s “ What’s Next ” podcast where she meets brilliant people to discuss customer experience, growth and innovation. Tiffani Bova is a Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce.

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The Choice That Makes You a Leader

Leadership Freak

Obsession with others is avoidance. I have many conversations with leaders. Sometimes those conversations begin by talking about disappointment in teammates or higher ups. It’s necessary to talk through frustrations. But conversations can’t… Continue reading → Accountability Criticism Marks of leaders Taking others higher Leadership Development

Whatever Happened to Respect?

Kevin Eikenberry

Rude, indifferent, emotionally troubled, over-worked, and disengaged employees do more harm to your business and employee productivity than you can afford. As a manager, you deal with it all day, every day.

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In the Background



Customer Service Training 101

Eric Jacobson

Whether you are in a new customer service role or simply need some customer service refresher tips, Customer Service Training 101 , is the book for you. Now in its third edition (originally published in 2005), you’ll find practical and actionable techniques and behaviors to ensure you are providing the best possible service for your customers.

Find Something Beautiful Today


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The Importance of Knowing Which Tool to Use


A few weeks ago, one of my sons came to Chicago for a visit. It was a big deal. For a variety of reasons, he gets “home” about once every 12-18 months. In a typical […]. Leading Self dashboards scorecards systems tools

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ICAEW Directors Briefings

Rapid BI

Directors Briefings Resources for busy professionals Every now and again as a consultant, manager or business adviser we need to put our hands on short, accurate and trusted materials covering a wide range of topics. In a previous blog entry I highlighted some of the fact-sheets available from the CIPD most of which are open to […]. The post ICAEW Directors Briefings appeared first on RapidBI.