This Airbus Makes Pilots Smarter

Harvard Business Review

That’s because the systems gather performance, weather, flight path and other data and feed it over the Industrial Internet to the cloud, so that it can be crunched by software and analytical engines built and operated by GE Aviation’s Flight Efficiency Services unit.

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7 Tricky Work Situations, and How to Respond to Them

Harvard Business Review

Eva is an engineer in Silicon Valley. When Eva reports this to Abe from the HR department, she is told that her manager is one of the top performers at the company, that he has been there for many years without incident, and that she probably misinterpreted what he said. Eva is not deterred by Abe’s cavalier response. ” Eva again writes Abe’s words verbatim in her notebook. Jennifer Maravillas for HBR.


Artificial Intelligence Is Almost Ready for Business

Harvard Business Review

Moore’s Law ), smarter analytics engines, and the surge in data. Such mining of digitized information has become more effective and powerful as more info is “tagged” and as analytics engines have gotten smarter.

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