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Neither EVA® nor CVA®, but NVA

CEO Insider

License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article Neither EVA® nor CVA®, but NVA are those of the author Jan Jacobs alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine. ’ Shareholders have financial requirements on management’s strategic decisions, that create value.

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Eva Kor and Josef Mengele - Forgiving the Angel of Death

Building Personal Strength

Eva Kor at Navarro H.S. I recently met one of the survivors, 77-year-old Eva Mozes Kor. Eva, not quite five feet tall, is a highly energetic, articulate and straightforward woman with a rich sense of humor. Eva wanted to thank the doctor, but she didn't know how. But Eva experienced a surprising personal benefit.

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Planting the Seeds of Change

Coaching Ourselves

We are excited to now include Otto Scharmer and Eva Pomeroy of the Presencing Institute as our newest authors. Eva Pomeroy. We are thrilled that Eva Pomeroy will join us after the module to answer any questions and continue the conversation. We would like to share an excellent article written by Scharmer and Pomeroy.

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Space Leadership Comes Before Selfies

Lead Change Blog

After Massimino’s first extravehicular activity (EVA), he wondered why he wasn’t getting mentioned more as a candidate for the next one. Leaders Never Stop Developing. The answer? He was following, and not leading.

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What Michael Buble Taught Me About Leadership In 3 Minutes

Joseph Lalonde

Image by Eva Rinaldi. T here’s a video circulating around the internet from a Michael Buble concert. During the concert, a woman approached the stage to talk to Michael Buble. Because of the conversation, a very awesome thing took place. Watch the video below and then keep reading to see what Michael Buble taught me about leadership.

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New Module: Awareness-Based Systems Change

Coaching Ourselves

CoachingOurselves is excited to announce our newest module by authors Otto Scharmer and Eva Pomeroy titled Awareness-Based Systems Change: Planting the Seeds for Change. Eva Pomeroy is Research Lead at the Presencing Insitute and core faculty at U.Lab.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Capacity

Mark Sanborn

And here is a great resource for lifelong learners from my friend Eva Keiffenheim. .” Rather than trying to figure out how to do something, determine who already has that skill that you can learn from or collaborate with. Delegation. Good delegators pick the best people to do the right jobs.

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