News Literacy – Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR


Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR at the Aspen Institute 2010 gives insights into the importance of New Literacy. Schiller suggests that a reader today needs to look for three things when trying to understand news literacy. RSS Feed Schedule a Call Free E-Book Assessment Test Coffee Schedule Coaching Lunch About Us CO2 Story Our Approach Our Successes Our Executive Coaches Gary B.

Are You a Miracle Maker?

Kevin Eikenberry

Learning Personal Development Frederick Schiller Faust miracles possibilities If your answer to the title question is no, think again. According to the author of today’s quotation, you are a miracle maker, once you do one thing. Questions to Ponder - Are you awake to your possibilities? - If not now, can you think of a time when you have been? - How can […].


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Innovation + Communication – 2 Obvious Lessons From Apple’s Latest Big Event

First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy's blog entries Apple communication innovation Phil Schiller sales Steve Jobs Tim Cook WWDCSo, Apple had their newest big roll out yesterday. Watch the WWDC keynote here). I am an Apple fan, but really only barely use my Apple devices (I have three; iMac, iPad, iPhone) to their capabilities. But I loaded the Macrumors live blog of the event, glanced at it frequently, and followed along. (And And I [.].

Entrepreneurial-Minded Americans Cluster in the Western States

Harvard Business Review

American states with the highest percentages of people with entrepreneurial personalities are clustered in the West; the top nine are Colorado , Utah , South Dakota , Nevada , Alaska , Arizona , New Mexico , Nebraska , and Montana , according to data collected by Martin Obschonka of Friedrich Schiller University in Germany and a team of researchers from hundreds of thousands of people who filled out questionnaires online.

How Our Economy Was Overrun by Monsters and What to Do About It

Harvard Business Review

The monsters, they say, come out at night. And right now, we're in a long, dark night of the economy.

Leading Older Employees

Harvard Business Review

Or, " I want to get you up to speed on the Schiller project and fill you in on next steps. The litany of leaders who've founded and built their companies in their twenties and thirties is long and storied. It's hard to read much of anything in the news these days without Mark Zuckerberg , Biz Stone , or Andrew Mason weighing in.

What Kind of Innovative Does Apple Have to Be?

Harvard Business Review

Can''t innovate anymore, my ass," senior VP of product marketing Phil Schiller declared Monday after unveiling Apple''s new Mac Pro. Until Apple comes out with its next big new disruptive thing, and it succeeds , the "Apple can''t innovate anymore" meme will live on, whatever Phil Schiller''s ass thinks. Who''s the target audience for the new iTunes Radio ?