VCs See Gold Rush in the HR Tech Scene

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Core HR software is projected to peak at a CAGR of 9.4% Core HR software is projected to peak at a CAGR of 9.4% Another area of interest is ‘skill development’ as organizations attempt to ready themselves for the “future of work.”


3 Reasons Global Firms Should Keep Investing in India

Harvard Business

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and Renault’s CEO Carlos Ghosn are in India for the long-term, as a hub for middle-of-the–pyramid innovations that can serve all emerging and even developed markets. Challenging as India is, the bigger challenge for most global companies is learning to adapt their approaches to other markets rather than copy-and-pasting their developed market models across the world. boris sv/Getty Images.


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How We Think About Innovation at Cisco

Harvard Business

In the manufacturing sector alone, market intelligence firm IDC expects the IoT market to grow to about $100 billion by 2018, a five-year combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18%. To keep up, new standards, architectures, and infrastructures will have to develop at the same pace. For example, we recently hired an expert from the high-end watch industry to help us develop a program for customers in emerging markets.


A Model for Focusing Executives on Long-term Value Creation

Harvard Business Review

Revenue and earnings grew at over 12% CAGR over the last decade — accelerating though the recession. To ensure that the current management aggressively develops successor management which is both skilled and committed to the objectives and principles embodied in these Recitals; 5. To create an executive-compensation program that supported the Recitals, the partners first had to develop an appropriate long-term value-measurement system.

Make Your Work Resolutions Stick

Harvard Business Review

While at least one of your goals ought to involve developing an area of weakness, Weintraub cautions against getting hung up on self-improvement. ” If your goal is nebulous — say, for example, to develop a more trusting relationship with your direct reports — you’ll need to think about specific behaviors that will help you, such as taking each of them to lunch individually and engaging with them on a more personal level.


Case Study: Challenge the Boss or Stand Down?

Harvard Business Review

It's essential for your new responsibilities in developing market strategies for your region.". I was thinking through my kiosk-services development project. He'd also worked the back channels to get the ear of his division's software-development director and push his ideas about new service offerings — an unorthodox move that ruffled some midlevel feathers but got senior management's attention. It's part of the software-development project.".