Sun.Feb 05, 2012

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10 Tips for Recovery after a Major Loss or Disappointment

Ron Edmondson

Sometimes life throws curves at us that take the wind from our sail. Have you lost a job recently? Have you had a business failure? Have any to add?

Tips 86

Fearless Questioning


. In the climate of fear that exists in many organizations, we often hold back on asking the questions that need to be asked. We would rather be seen as having all the answers while we are afraid of losing our jobs, being stalled in our career, or simply looking ignorant. Asking questions is an act of courage. you don’t know the answers to.

Leverage Your Business Pulse: The 5 Day Leadership Planner

Terry Starbucker

Every business has a natural “pulse” of activity that is designed to match the human rhythm of the calendar. Lead well! Leadership

Rapid Viz: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Rapid Viz: A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas Kurt Hanks and Larry Belliston Course Technology/CENGAGE Learning (2006) The power and value of highly-developed visualization The title’s meaning is self-evident but the potential value of what can be learned from Kurt Hanks and Larry Belliston in this book is not. First published in [.].

Is It Better to Be Smart or Effective?


Would you rather be smart or effective? Effective people usually get the job done, are consistent producers, and work quite well with others.

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Today’s thoughts February 5, 2012

Rapid BI

Reclaim your weekend Reclaim your weekend It is now Sunday evening – but how many of us have been working over the weekend? This graphic highlights some interesting points – but fails to say if the most productive people are people with or without lists What are your top tips for reclaiming your weekend? Mine [.]. ecademy

The World’s Cheapest Simplest Leadership Development System

Leadership Freak

** We’ve all been there. We get fired up at a conference only to run out of steam a few days later. Regardless of how good, training won’t stick on its own. Leaders aren’t developed with occasional seminars and sporadic training. But, who has the time and who can afford it? Free simple option: Jeffery Norris, the Director [.].

How close is that next idea?

Jason Womack

Ideas present themselves ALL the time, sometimes even while we’re focusing on something else. And, that is what happened here. Let me know

Complimentary Resource – Six Mistakes Companies Are Making Today And How You Can Avoid Them

Strategy Driven

Six Mistakes Companies Are Making Today And How You Can Avoid Them. by SAP. No coupons, credit cards, special codes, or purchases are necessary.

Bate: The Director's Cut 40


Excellent for planning the week and far beyond: 40 strategies for success from the incomparable Nicholas Bate. Rate yourself on how well you are fulfilling them