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How Teams Can Function When They Have Conflicting Goals

The Horizons Tracker

This was joined by a computer model that utilized Bayesian statistics and differential game theory to simulate such interactions. “Game theory has had a huge impact in many fields, including economics, political science, linguistics, operations research, and more,” the researchers say.

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Do People Trust Robots As Much As Humans?

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The researchers conducted a trust game experiment, whereby human volunteers were asked to bestow a $10 endowment to a partner, who was either a human, a robot, or a robot acting on behalf of a human. It was in many ways a classic game theory setup, with the human volunteer knowing that gains were to be made, but trust would be key.


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The Connection Between Inequality, Economic Decline, And Political Populism

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The models were based on evolutionary game theory and cultural evolution, and aimed to understand our willingness to interact with others outside of our social group. . “Policymakers and those in government should act now by investing in and protecting social safety nets that can prevent widening social and political divisions.”

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Real Leaders Become Awakeners

The Empowered Buisness

In today’s ever increasing complexity and change, you are being called to operate at a new level of consciousness. While awakening is definitely not a common term within organizations, leaders who operate at a high level of consciousness and being are the awakeners in the business world. It’s a sign your soul is stirring ….

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Brands Represent Risk Mitigation for Consumers

Strategy Driven

Some economists explain brands from a game-theory perspective. They say that brands are a mechanism for companies to engage customers in repeated games. All McDonald’s locations in rest stops are directly owned and operated by the corporation. How do brands work on a societal level?

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How to hack a management system [brief talk]

Ask Atma

Game theory applications – tapping into mutualistic dynamics. Only instead of the byzantine application of a formal language you are dealing with emotional needs, cultural expectations, societal mores, all operating in an invisible and impossibly complex array. Wiring in innovation as a cultural behavior.

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Better Ways of Thinking About Risks

Harvard Business Review

It includes decision analysis, game theory, and operations research. The set of such methods, tested by peer review of their scientific foundations and success with their application, is actually quite small — and familiar to most business school graduates.