Leadership and Knowledge Management

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It’s one thing to possess knowledge, but it’s quite another thing to leverage it. Leaders who don’t understand the value of distributable and actionable knowledge not only limit opportunities, but they’re also building huge contingent operating liabilities.

Interview: The Integration of Change Management and Knowledge Management

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In this episode, Katy Saulpaugh, Practice Lead at Enterprise Knowledge LLC, shares her experience with applying change management to knowledge management projects. Change ManagementAfter a brief hiatus, the Influence Change at Work show is back!

Five Basic Tenets of Knowledge Management

First Friday Book Synopsis

I have just read and will soon review The New Edge in Knowledge: How Knowledge Management Is Changing the Way We Do Business, co-authored by Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert. In Chapter 3, they identify and discuss “Five Basic Tenets of Knowledge Management.” Here they are: “1. The KM strategy is based on balancing people, [.]. Bob's blog entries C.

The Tsunami and Knowledge Management

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Is knowledge management essential or a white elephant?

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There have been many managerial fads down the years and many have suggested that knowledge management should take its place in the hall of shame. Wilson from Sheffield University who hypothesises that knowledge management is primarily a fad pushed by certain consultancy companies. Foremost in the queue to kick KM is T.D He predicted in 2002 when he wrote the paper that it would fade along with other similar 'fads'.

The Importance of Working with Suppliers Over the Long Term

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Edwards Deming’s 14 points for management. You need to manage and continually improve that entire system. I wrote about this on my personal blog in 2005, Ford and Managing the Supplier Relationship. End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag.

“Our Problems Are Different” – Not Really

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It is very common for people to see their situation as special and so different that they can only learn about management from some situation identical to the one they face. But this is a misunderstanding of what learning about better management practices is about.

The New Edge in Knowledge: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The New Edge in Knowledge: How Knowledge Management s Changing the Way We Do Business Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert John Wiley & Sons (2011) Finally, in a single volume, just about all you need to know about results-driven knowledge management According to Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert, “this book tells you how leading organizations [.].

Teamwork: Mapping Collaborative Minds

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Leading Change Concept Mapping decision making Knowledge Creation Knowledge Management Mind map Mind Mapping ThoughtHave you discovered mind mapping strategies yet? Strategy mind mapping can strengthen community development and can also increase the organization’s efforts to strategize decision-making, resource allocation, and strategic planning functions. Mind mapping can be used for many purposes: strategic planning; event planning; and it is a great learning tool.

“The Formula”: The Unspoken Truth About The Packaging, Peddling, And Commoditization Of Leadership And Knowledge

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It’s called Amway for leadership development or the selling of knowledge. Are people entitled to make money from the knowledge they have? Resources Knowledge Management Leadership Development

Becoming a Network Linchpin

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Sharing knowledge and adding value to the organization depends upon the capabilities of workers to informally connect with others. The corporate reason to collaborate is to improve decision making through knowledge management.

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Why Organizations Need to Make Learning Hard

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Unfortunately, real learning — that is, the kind which embeds knowledge and skills in long-term memory — is never simple. Knowledge management Developing employees Article

Why Your Employees’ Suggestions Aren’t Going Anywhere

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He began with a simple, direct question to the people closest to the markets, his sales and account managers: “If from now on you could serve only one segment, which one would you choose … and why?” Innovation Motivating people Knowledge management Article

How to Build Expertise in a New Field

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You want what I call “deep smarts” — business-critical, experience-based knowledge. If you discover the knowledge gap is fairly small, that should give you confidence. Self-study, talking to knowledgeable colleagues and possibly some online courses will help.

AI May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants

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According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a new partnership between UBS Wealth Management and Amazon allows some of UBS’s European wealth-management clients to ask Alexa certain financial and economic questions. Another area in which leaders will soon be relying on AI is in managing their human capital. Study after study has shown that deep biases affect how groups like women and minorities are managed. Amazon’s Alexa just got a new job.

Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Carla O’Dell is president of APQC and is considered one of the world’s leading experts in knowledge management (KM). In 1995 and under O’Dell’s direction, APQC launched its first KM best practices consortium study called Emerging Best Practices in Knowledge Management. Thirty-nine organizations sponsored the groundbreaking study. Since then, APQC has conducted over 25 consortium studies on topics related to KM, involving more than 300 participating [.].

What Peter Drucker Knew About 2020

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For Drucker, the newest new world was marked, above all, by one dominant factor: “the shift to a knowledge society.”. Indeed, Drucker had been anticipating this monumental leap – to an age when people would generate value with their minds more than with their muscle – since at least 1959, when in Landmarks of Tomorrow he first described the rise of “knowledge work.” How should managers alter their approaches to fit the times? Knowledge management Leadership Managing people

How to Prevent Experts from Hoarding Knowledge

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Asked if he would be willing to share his hard-earned knowledge with others in the company before he retired, the engineer laughed. ” There we had it in one concise capsule: a few of the reasons why retirees refuse to share their experience-based, business-critical knowledge — what we call deep smarts. If such knowledge leaves with retirees, it may be lost for good. Lack of time or resources can, of course, constrain knowledge transfer.

How to Integrate Data and Analytics into Every Part of Your Organization

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Data Knowledge management Organizational structure Digital ArticleMany conversations about data and analytics (D&A) start by focusing on technology. Having the right tools is critically important, but too often executives overlook or underestimate the significance of the people and organizational components required to build a successful D&A function.

Stop Trying to Control How Ex-Employees Use Their Knowledge

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Yet employers are increasingly taking legal action to prevent former employees from using knowledge and skills learned on the job. state policymakers have aided and abetted these efforts by changing the law to enable employer control over workers’ knowledge. This trend has been fueled not only by the contemporary talent wars and the much debated skills gap , but also by changes in the law that have expanded employers’ control over employees’ knowledge.

How NASA Uses Telemedicine to Care for Astronauts in Space

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Training crew members to manage their care. Our experience has demonstrated that shared knowledge and training, combined with a reliable private communication link, leads to the best care. Technology Knowledge management Operations Aerospace & Defense Healthcare Digital Article

Is Your Company Encouraging Employees to Share What They Know?

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Especially for today’s knowledge-based work, much of what we need to know we learn from others’ experiences, through what’s called vicarious learning. billion per year from employees failing to share knowledge effectively. As a manager for Bain & Co.

A Social Brain Is a Smarter Brain

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The first , from Newcastle Business School in the UK, looks directly at knowledge exchange between higher education institutions and industry (a typical exchange in open innovation challenges) and concludes that its success depends upon the social processes that facilitate the collaboration. Take one of the teams that recently responded to the GE/NFL Head Health Open Innovation Challenge , which NineSigma managed. Collaboration Innovation Knowledge management

Beware Big Data’s Easy Answers

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In the messy real world, though, there are some bits of knowledge you should have so that you can interpret the button’s offering. However, there is knowledge that users of powerful big data buttons need to know in order to understand the output. Some of this knowledge is simple, although often ignored even by researchers. Other bits of the knowledge are art, only gained through experience. Information & technology Knowledge management Research

When Real-Time Intel Still Isn’t Fast Enough

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Information & technology Knowledge management Risk management We now live in a world where both man and machine can access data on almost any topic at any moment. Documentation of our world happens in real time, through a constant, autonomous torrent of ones and zeroes — and research and recall of that information have been reduced to mere mouse clicks. With all data available at all times, opportunities — and adversaries — can also move in real time.

Be Forewarned: Your Knowledge is Decaying

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It turns out knowledge is a lot like radioactive atoms because it decays over time. We now know that there is a shape to how knowledge grows and how it spreads through a population. We can also examine different branches of knowledge — medicine, sociology, etc.

Big Data and the Role of Intuition

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Decision making Information & technology Knowledge management Many people have asked me over the years about whether intuition has a role in the analytics and data-driven organization. I have always reassured them that there are plenty of places where intuition is still relevant. For example, a hypothesis is an intuition about what’s going on in the data you have about the world.

September Management Journey Carnival

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Welcome to the September 2012 edition of the Management Journey Carnival. This month thought leaders share their wisdom on customer service, innovation, team building, sales, email management, self awareness, social business, communication, knowledge management, entrepreneurship, and other topics. Blog Carnival communication customer service emotional intelligence human resources innovation leadership management organizational productivity people skills social media

5 Tips for Managing Successful Overseas Assignments

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The unfortunate reality is that even companies providing well-crafted relocation packages (including the all-important cultural training) may not have the talent management mechanisms in place to truly leverage the valuable skills expatriate employees gain during their assignments. HBR STAFF.

Knowledge Management Below the Radar

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I recently spoke to a group of Silicon Valley HR leaders and this question came up, along with the related matter of how to do knowledge management better. I dubbed this "pre-emptive knowledge management." You will acquire knowledge before its relevance becomes apparent.

“Leadership Qualities” vs. Competence: Which Matters More?

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The other authors on the article are Murat Taraki (lead author) and Patrick Groenen, both at the Rotterdam School of Management. Greer : First, we wanted to understand when it’s ideal to have a strong hierarchy, and when it’s better to let groups manage themselves.

Employee Training Needs More than a Script

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Imagine your goal is to provide training to help line managers execute a round of layoffs with dignity and compassion. The experience of performing a layoff can be emotionally challenging, and without a realistic preview of these challenges and opportunities to learn how to manage them, many managers will ultimately fail. Knowledge management Leadership development

Research: Are Clients Loyal to Your Firm, or the People in It?

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For example, when bond manager Bill Gross left Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco) in 2014 to join rival firm Janus Capital, his clients quickly withdrew over $23.5 In a forthcoming study in the Strategic Management Journal, I empirically investigated when clients follow federal lobbyists who switch firms. That said, one risk of using teams to manage clients is that team members may collectively leave to join a competitor or start their own firm.

GC15: Gamifying Knowledge Sharing | with Brian Clausen from Experts Exchange

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If you have implemented a knowledge management system, getting people to put what they know into it is like pulling teeth. The post GC15: Gamifying Knowledge Sharing | with Brian Clausen from Experts Exchange appeared first on Engaging Leader.

The Right Way to Off-Board a Departing Employee

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When a valuable employee tells you she’s leaving , worrying about losing her institutional knowledge and experience is understandable. “These are the people who have so much tribal knowledge and are so valuable that they become almost irreplaceable,” she says.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management

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But managers at all levels will have to adapt to the world of smart machines. The fact is, artificial intelligence will soon be able to do the administrative tasks that consume much of managers’ time faster, better, and at a lower cost. How can managers — from the front lines to the C-suite — thrive in the age of AI? Using this data, we identified five practices that successful managers will need to master.

Develop Deep Knowledge in Your Organization — and Keep It

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The best leaders understand that the current success of their business, and any future innovation, depends upon the “deep smarts” of their employees — the business-critical, experience-based knowledge that employees carry with them. Leaders with a passion for developing employees’ skills, and those who understand the need to transfer knowledge among generations of workers, know how important it is to link in-house education to strategic planning.

Is Management Due for a Renaissance?

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Is management – not yet a very old discipline – due for one? We could even say that the subject of management was touched by that first Renaissance. What would a second Renaissance look like in management today? Coupled with mechanical models, this has resulted in an engineering management mindset, in which people are inevitably seen as instruments for another’s purpose, rather than as ends in themselves. Business education Knowledge management

Stop Focusing on Your Strengths

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Leadership & Managing people Managing people Developing employees Change management Knowledge management AudioTomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor at University College London and Columbia University and CEO of Hogan Assessments, explains how the fad for strengths-based coaching may actually be weakening us. Download this podcast.

Collaborating Better Across Silos

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Collaboration Organizational culture Knowledge management AudioHarvard Law School lecturer Heidi K. Gardner discusses how firms gain a competitive edge when specialists collaborate across functional boundaries. But it’s often difficult, expensive, and messy. The former McKinsey consultant is the author of the new book, Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos. Download this podcast.