Business Success is no Accident: Here are the 5 Steps – My Takeaways from The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

First Friday Book Synopsis

Goldratt & Jeff Cox. Goldratt Jeff Cox The Goal: A Process of Ongoing ImprovementLast Friday, I presented my synopsis of the business book classic, The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Eliyahu M. It is a genuine multi-year best seller, and now I know why. It is an incredibly useful, helpful, practical book. Written in fable form, it is set in a factory, but, [.]. Randy's blog entries Eliyahu M.

“The fat kid is the bottleneck!” – (Eli Goldratt’s The Goal, and a thought about expertise)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy's blog entries bottlenecks efficiency Eli Goldratt operations theory The Goal(Hint: read all the way to the end to get the point of this blog post – about expertise and experience). The book The Goal is a “business classic” we somehow have missed at the First Friday Book Synopsis. I am rectifying this, and will present this book at the August First Friday Book Synopsis. [.].

Coming for the August 3 First Friday Book Synopsis – Platform, & Goldratt’s The Goal

First Friday Book Synopsis

Goldratt first friday book synopsis Jeff Cox Michael Hyatt Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World Robert Greenleaf servant leadership Seth Stevenson The Goal: A Process of Ongoing ImprovementHere are two important business success issues: #1 — how do I successfully get people to listen to my message? and #2 — how do I find, and get rid of, whatever is slowing us down in our company? Solve these 2 issues, and your path to business success becomes a little clearer. At the [.].

3 Days with Drucker, Christensen, & Goldratt, & Your Leadership Team – another Brilliant Idea from Jeff Bezos

First Friday Book Synopsis

So, how do you stop and think in this too-much-information-to-assimilate-all-at-once world? You spend a day – a full day – focused on one book. And, what books do you focus on for a full day? Books that have “stood the test of time.” Not necessarily “really old books,” but books that have been around long […]. Randy''s blog entries

The Power of Storytelling: 10 Authoritative Perspectives

First Friday Book Synopsis

Frank Dale Carnegie David Armstrong Dostoevski Doug Lipman Eliyahu Goldratt George Lakoff Howard Gardner Lead with a Story Mark Johnson Patrick Lencioni Paul Smith Stephen Denning The Power of Storytelling: 10 Authoritative PerspectivesMy guess (only a guess) is that whenever a list of the greatest storytellers throughout history is compiled, Charles Dickens would be among those included.

The Radical Leap Re-Energized: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries “A Daily Handbook for Extreme Leaders” “Doing-Knowing Gap” Eliyahu Goldratt Jeffrey Pfeffer No Limit Publishing Patrick Lencioni Rabbi Hillel the Elder Robert Sutton “The Knowing-Doing Gap” Steve Farber The Radical Edge The Radical Leap The Radical Leap Re-Energized: A Story That Will Change the Way You LeadThe Radical Leap Re-Energized: A Story That Will Change the Way You Lead Steve Farber No Limit Publishing (2011) “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?

Robert S. Becker: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Robert S. Becker PhD founded Becker Multimedia, simulations and serious games — to enhance job competencies and performance. He advises clients on learning strategy, leads the implementation of instructional technology and produces engaging interactive multimedia content. He also helps propagate organizational mission and vision by applying his expertise in employer branding, customer experience management and [.].

Surviving the Serengeti: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Goldratt Florida State University it’s doing the right thing.”) Surviving the Serengeti: 7 Skills To Master Business and Life Stefan Swanepoel John Wiley & Sons (2011) A parable for success that sometimes requires a perilous journey of self-discovery Fables may well be among the earliest forms of storytelling and remain popular among several business thinkers, notably Stephen Denning and Patrick Lencione. Personally, I have [.].

Deming and Project Management

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Our studies of Deming, Crosby , and Goldratt were among the most valuable parts of business school. Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit Filed under: Leadership Tagged: | Bob Tarne , Deming , Demings 14 Points , Eli Goldratt , Phil Crosby , System of Profound Knowledge , W. Home About Experience Trap/Complexity Set KM Set Metrics Set Crossderry Blog Entries RSS | Comments RSS Where’s Crossderry read?

Deming 100

EBM: Constraints


Goldratt that is geared towarding help organizations continually achieve their goals. Though Goldratt is still the main driving force behind the development and practice of TOC (sometimes labeled “constraint management”), there is a network of individuals and small companies loosely coupled as practitioners around the world. Leadership evidence-based management goldratt Theory of Constraints (TOC) is an overall management philosophy introduced by Dr. Eliyahu M.

First Paragraph


Goldratt "This board meeting is adjourned," announces Daniel Pullman, the domineering chairman and CEO of Genemodem. The elegant conference room hums with conversation as the directors start to depart. The last quarter was the best in the history of the company. The directors are pleased, but no one is overly excited. They have come to expect it. For the past six years, almost every quarter has been better than the preceding one. From Critical Gain: A Business Novel by Eliyahu M.

Joining the Stack


Goldratt Moments of Reprieve: A Memoir of Auschwitz by Primo Levi Gomorrah: Italy''s Other Mafia by Roberto Saviano I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism by Charles R.

Making Innovative Teams


One exception to this is Eliyah Goldratt’s The Goal and after an initial reading of Grivas and Puccio’s The Innovative Team: Unleashing Creative Potential for Breakthrough Results , I may have another exception. I’m not the biggest fan of business fables. Most provide generic advice in the form of a poorly written narrative.

Are you a Scientist or an Engineer? Things to think about.

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Eli Goldratt ‘The Choice’. There are three lines from recent reading and research I’m doing that keep haunting me and have made me explore my frame of thinking and consulting. How do I approach team building ; as a scientist? as a engineer?