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Cooperation and Outward Spiraling Success Loops

Mike Cardus

For that loop to exist the Cooperation Loop must also exist. The cooperation loop is a mindset of working to find cooperation …any size large and small and develop practice of building from that cooperation. Was struggling with sales representatives and project managers turning in expense and budget reports on-time…They told me “We have tried everything and our CFO is tired to putting out fires for us.”. Seems like we have some cooperation.

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It Is Helpful to Listen, Agree, Cooperate. Discover Different Viewpoints :: Resistance to Change

Mike Cardus

It is helpful to listen, agree and cooperate. Talk to discover slightly different viewpoints for cooperation. It is helpful to listen, agree and cooperate. talk to discover slightly different viewpoints for cooperation. We had a very open discussion about time, project pressures, unclear expectations from the start, and what the team and each person needed to move forward in this process. In ‘ Resistance to Change.

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Favorites of 2013–Team Building and Leadership Images Used in Presentations & Workshops

Mike Cardus

With the end of the year approaching, this week is great to share some of my favorites of 2013. Favorite Images Used in Workshops and Presentations 2013. With travel, conferences and organization development, team development, consulting and coaching work supplied me with more ideas and inspiration to work with. 7 Principles of Leadership Development: Managers as Mentors. 7 Principles of Leadership Development: Strategy for Leadership Development.

Team Building and Leadership Development Simon Graduate School of Business

Mike Cardus

Executives applying the Team Building & Leadership Development to ‘ Build a Tower Build a Team ’. Are you looking for team building and leadership development? I am very proud to have facilitated for the 4th year in a row University of Rochester NY Simon Graduate School of Business Executive MBA Program.

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Advice: Manage Well by Leading Better

N2Growth Blog

By John Baldoni , Chair, Leadership Development, N2growth. Keep the projects on time and within budget by putting people into positions where they can succeed. As a manager and leader you will: Communicate for understanding with frequent check-ins; Coach for success so that people develop their talents and skills; and. Leadership is not a solitary endeavor; it only works with the cooperation of others. Management is your day job; leadership is your career.

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Carefrontation — The Ultimate Leadership Trait

Great Leadership By Dan

As a new project manager at Hewlett Packard I found that I interacted with a lot of brilliant people, many of who had been conditioned by higher learning institutions to compete rather than collaborate. It was clear that we would get a lot more done if we could move the culture toward a higher level of trust and cooperation and away from the zero sum game to which they were accustomed. Team members started cooperating and collaborating at a level that got them, and me, noticed.

Using Good Decision Making Procedures can have a Positive Effect on the Team

Mike Cardus

Team members will be more committed to the course of action, and more willing to do the project work. In what ways can I increase the cooperation & agreement ? Have you ever experienced a project manager, manager who was overly reliant on consensus? Corporate Team Building Management Manager Training Organization Development Products Team Building Team Training decision making decision making for teams project management

Guest Blogger Nathan Zeldes: Why and How to Communicate Across Company Lines


Better yet, in some cases this allowed me to strike alliances and mount joint projects with like-minded engineers and managers – to the benefit of all our organizations. If you’re truly fearless, negotiate collaborations with a number of other companies (and, possibly, academic research groups) where you will all cooperate to develop new insight. Have you tried to communicate with your peers in other organizations lately?

Instead of looking for the Problems. Start looking for the Exceptions

Mike Cardus

Rather than focus on the problem, focus on the solution by developing a folkloric construct that is reinforced by the shared language , actions and stories of the team about the “others”. “…all These fictions can be seen either as cooperation or resistance ; they are one or the other. As you and your team create these stories of how challenging it is to work with the “other”, the words, actions and views that exist about them develop into deep patterns of resistance.

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8 Guidelines for Leadership Coaching and Team Building Activities

Mike Cardus

The effort is finding exceptions to the problem and determining how the team and person cooperate best. Then changing my interaction with them to cooperate in the best way to achieve shared goals. Illustrating through activities a team and person develop exceptions and see ‘ what works ’ in a context they’re not used too and is still familiar because they just made it happen. To-Do : In-Progress : Complete: Target Chart – Team Building and Project Management Activity.

Change in Companies and Teams is Not Only Possible, it is Inevitable

Mike Cardus

When consulting and working on long-term projects with teams, the initial meeting is used to determine: Where is the team right now? Developing a next-step… Small steps and concrete success. Plus it helps, for you the facilitator, to be on the look out for cooperation. Reference: the observation question comes from Steve de Shazer ‘Keys to Solutions in Brief Therapy’ … I adjusted the wording for more team building and organization development focus. Photo Credit.

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Fear of Loss of Group Membership is More Powerful Than Management

Mike Cardus

Application and development outside the classroom and structured training time. We changed the reporting structure to show the number of people who got their budget reports in on time and posted public reports ( by the hour at first then eventually monthly ) to show who is getting things in on time and how that is reflecting the allocation of $$ to their projects. Photo Credit. Resistance to Change and Learning Anxiety.

Ensure Smooth Transitions for Successful Change

Change Starts Here

Although construction was moving along smoothly, it became apparent to the project’s director, Brian Horgan, that moving people would not be as easy. In December 2010, the project team met for a one-day workshop to take stock of the potential “people issues” created by the move. First, through a series of exercises, the project team identified the key transitions for the project. The Move Captain role brought the project to the employees.

6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 5 of 7

Strategy Driven

Rather than attempting to replace people, our IT systems, processes, and products should be aimed at enabling the human cooperation, collaboration, and innovation that are essential to growing a business. Silent Killer #4: Worship of Information. In our rush to ‘modernize’ everything and make our enterprises more efficient, we have mistakenly come to believe that information is our most valuable commodity.

Expand Your Coaching

Marshall Goldsmith

The project began when I met with Bruce Jones, CEO of Clarkson, and Mary Washington, EVP of Human Resources. He liked the design of our coaching process, developed a list of key stakeholders, and called Bruce to validate his list. They shared information with each other to help improve cross-functional teamwork, synergy, and cooperation. To ensure inclusion and validation with direct reports, Joe developed an amazing discipline.

Leadership Development Should Focus on Experiments

Harvard Business

Leadership development represents a huge and growing investment for most organizations. Industry research, for example, shows that companies spent more than $24 billion on leadership and management training worldwide in 2013, an increase of 15% from 2012. In past years leadership development has always been treated as a discretionary expense or even a luxury, and therefore something that could be pared down or eliminated in hard economic times.

Accountants Will Save the World

Harvard Business Review

Last June, I raised a few eyebrows when I told attendees at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio (aka Rio+20 ) that "accountants would save the world." The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), where I am president, is taking steps to address this. But I meant it. To get all businesses involved in solving the world's toughest problems, we must change the accounting rules. Why accounting? During my time as CEO of TNT N.V.

The Big Barrier to High-Value Health Care: Destructive Self-Interest

Harvard Business Review

In the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, an effort is under way to get insurers, providers, employers, and unions to cooperate in creating a system that can reduce total health care costs and premiums while achieving better outcomes. This article offers a framework that players in other regions can use to cooperate and fix their own health care systems. Develop New Business Models. Define the Respective Roles of Competition and Cooperation.

Sustainable Business Initiatives Will Fail Unless Leaders Change Their Mindset

Harvard Business Review

The system changes required to make value chains sustainable require unprecedented levels of trust and cooperation among economic actors. First, let’s consider sustainable development. To see why the integrated mindset works better, consider the particular case of a global corporation evaluating the sustainability of major projects in developing countries. The opposition by these local groups led to the abandonment of the project.

Crowdfunding’s Big-Bang Moment

Harvard Business Review

The company’s website reported that Kickstarter has now funded over 50,000 projects , with pledges coming from over 5,000,000 individual backers. Since its founding in 2009, Kickstarter has helped fledgling projects raise nearly $1 billion in donations. Organizers determine a minimal level of funding they need to bring the project to fruition, and establish premiums associated with different levels of contribution.

Collaborate with a Loved One Without Ruining Your Relationship

Harvard Business Review

The best: sharing the excitement of discovery, developing new ideas, and realizing that it was all coming together (sometimes celebrated by a running-leap high five between 5’2” Teresa and 5’11” Steve). In fact, if you look into what it takes to work closely with a loved one on a project like this, there are lessons for any creative collaboration between people who care about each other. As children, they shared a bedroom and worked on many projects together.

The End of Banks as We Know Them?

Harvard Business Review

An entrepreneur in the small community of Skatteungby, some 300 kilometers from Stockholm, asked the JAK Bank for a loan to develop a shop. Although he remained ultimately responsible for paying back the loan, the project was able to go ahead because he enjoyed the support of individuals within the community who wanted the shop. Such initiatives are now on the increase around the world, not just in emerging economies but in the developed economies of the West.

What Job Candidates Really Want: Meaningful Work

Harvard Business Review

A 2012 Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey found that 60% of CEOs did not believe they had the talent they needed to be successful, and one in four had to delay or forego market opportunities and strategic initiatives because they didn''t have the right talent. And iDE ''s Last Mile Loo project, an ambitious vision for beyond-grid sanitation systems, that hired a team of seasoned fundraisers to help them win $100K from the Lipman Family Prize at the Wharton School.

The End of Banks as We Know Them?

Harvard Business Review

An entrepreneur in the small community of Skatteungby, some 300 kilometers from Stockholm, asked the JAK Bank for a loan to develop a shop. Although he remained ultimately responsible for paying back the loan, the project was able to go ahead because he enjoyed the support of individuals within the community who wanted the shop. Such initiatives are now on the increase around the world, not just in emerging economies but in the developed economies of the West.

Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

Harvard Business Review

Company and unit leaders need to ensure that IT is in a leading position on all key digital projects. Requirements and specifications are more flexible and developed within cross functional teams with constantly evolving business needs. New, more agile , software development tools and testing methods are utilized. Different standards of project and portfolio management are also required with more flexibility in demand management and budgeting methods.


Rethinking Security for the Internet of Things

Harvard Business Review

As consumer demand for connected devices increases (and projections from Cisco and others suggest that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020), traditional manufacturers will, en masse, become manufacturers of connected devices. As these devices become subject to the same cyber threats with which software developers have long been familiar, companies will need to take steps to integrate security considerations into their designs and design processes right from the start.

The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability

Harvard Business

When firms fail to establish good relationships with their stakeholders, it can lead to increased conflict and reduced stakeholder cooperation. Managing risks therefore requires making investment decisions today for longer-term capacity building and developing adaptive strategies. billion in mining projects since 2010. Today’s executives are dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of social, environmental, market, and technological trends.

Research: Arab Inventors Make the U.S. More Innovative

Harvard Business

innovation system, we ran an exercise matching Arabic first names with international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In the five-year period from 2009 to 2013, there were 8,786 U.S. the main home of Arab inventors, but the number of Arab patents increased 62% over 10 years, from 1,826 patent applications from 1999–2003 to 2,962 from 2009–2013. In 2013 there were approximately 1.02

A $10 Trillion Bet on China and India

Harvard Business Review

Just yesterday, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released a new report predicting that the economy of China will rebound and grow 8.5% in 2013 and 8.9% As we reported in our book, in China, annual per-capita income is projected to rise, on average, from about $4,400 in 2010 to $12,300 in 2020; in India, it will increase from $1,500 to $4,400.

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People Are Angry About Globalization. Here’s What to Do About It.

Harvard Business

A 2013 Pew Research survey found that business executives ranked ninth out of 10 professions in terms of social contribution, only placing ahead of lawyers. has recently experienced a rise in income inequality to levels last seen in the 1920s, and other countries, especially developed ones, have registered similar if less dramatic increases. Pollutants that cross national borders to a significant extent — usually airborne ones — require cross-border cooperation.