Thu.Nov 23, 2023

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Leading Thoughts for November 23, 2023

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I DEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Anthony Iannarino on how to start practicing gratitude: “One way to start a gratitude practice is to take an inventory of all things for which You should be grateful. Include every good thing you have now and good things you have had in the past, including the experiences you’ve had throughout your life.

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Thanksgiving Lessons from a Bone Turkey

Leadership Freak

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a married couple 1,600 miles from home. It was a proud moment until I tried to carve the turkey.


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Gratitude, Wonder, and Lessons from Elliot

Women on Business

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Financial Fears Blight Many Over 60s

The Horizons Tracker

A recent report by the International Longevity Centre (ILC) sheds light on a growing economic trend observed among individuals aged 60 and above in the United Kingdom. Faced with the burden of a cost-of-living crisis and mounting concerns over future care and healthcare expenses, one out of three people in this age group exhibits hesitance when it comes to present-day spending.

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Recruit and Retain New Blue-Collar Talent

Blue-collar jobs have a branding problem. One company, GEON, partnered with Paycor to find the solution. Learn how to attract, engage, and retain blue-collar employees, helping them build meaningful careers – and support your company’s goals.

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How do you deal with someone who is passive aggressive?


Our reader poll today asks: How do you deal with someone who is passive aggressive? I ignore it and focus on the work 40.26% I call them out on it and work toward productive resolution 39.62% I get passive aggressive myself in retaliation 11.36% I get directly aggressive to counter the behavior 8.76% Pushing Back on Passive Aggression. Read the rest of this post at thoughtLEADERS, LLC: Leadership Training for the Real World.

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The Factors That Influence Acceptance Of AI In Hospitality

The Horizons Tracker

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in enhancing hotel operations and streamlining efficiency. By automating tasks like booking and contactless check-in, AI has liberated staff members to dedicate their attention to delivering exceptional, tailored experiences to guests in a prompt and cost-effective manner. Consequently, it comes as no astonishment that AI has emerged as a transformative force within the hospitality industry.

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Does Media Coverage Support Climate Action?

The Horizons Tracker

Human-induced global warming poses dire consequences for all living beings, including humans, as the planet continues to experience an upward trend in temperature. The media serves as a primary conduit for disseminating information regarding this critical issue to the masses. However, the manner in which scientific journals and the media relay research findings on climate change warrants closer examination.

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Internal Mobility in HRM To Be a Top Priority For 2024

HR Digest

With all the talk around town about employee retention , one component that is often underestimated is the importance of internal mobility in HRM. This refers to the potential for career progression opportunities within an organization and the growth opportunities an employee can hope to see in their job role. Often, internal mobility is what employees seek in order to stay at a company instead of turning to opportunities outside.

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Book Review: Hidden Potential

Roundtable Talk

Book: Hidden Potential By: Adam Grant Reviewed by: Colleen Jones   The Premise: Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist, best-selling author and one of Wharton’s highest rated professors, who dedicates his work life to the study of how people operate, perform and interact at work. In Hidden Potential, Grant’s goal is to illuminate what … Book Review: Hidden Potential Read More » The post Book Review: Hidden Potential appeared first on.

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How to Become an Agile Learner

Harvard Business Review

Learning agility — the skill of learning from experiences so you can succeed in new situations — is a much sought-after skill to create a flexible, mobile, and resilient workforce. For example, a leader with learning agility can successfully transfer their talents across different parts of an organization. And individuals with high learning agility become the trusted “go-to” for high-profile projects and high-impact positions.

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How to Stay Competitive in the Evolving State of Martech

Marketing technology is essential for B2B marketers to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape — and with 53% of marketers experiencing legacy technology issues and limitations, they’re researching innovations to expand and refine their technology stacks. To help practitioners keep up with the rapidly evolving martech landscape, this special report will discuss: How practitioners are integrating technologies and systems to encourage information-sharing between departments and pr