How to Make Your Next 12 Months Your Best 12 Months

Kevin Eikenberry

Five Reasons to Make Discomfort Your Friend How to Get Lazy People to Work Ten Decisions Leaders Make Everyday Ten Ways to Make a Great First Impression Five Minutes - a Key to Successful Time Management Kevin Eikenberry: Thanks Dave!Kevin

15 Analytics Capabilities to Consider When Choosing Your Next Big Data Solution

The Kini Group

If you managed to do it once, it would feel like a major achievement. And analytics can never be a one-off project. Of course, if your IT team is itching for a new project or just wants to be heavily involved with your chosen IT solution, don’t cut them out of this process. You purchase from a vendor and navigate how-to guides and FAQ documents for most of your concerns.

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What to Do When Your To-Do List Is Holding Up Your Team

Harvard Business Review

But whenever she was asked about the status of any project, all she could ever say was, “I’m working on it.” She calmed herself by working on each project a little. This scattered, shallow approach to managing multiple projects derailed Tara. Here is a guide/FAQ that might help.” Perfectionists spend more time than necessary on projects, struggling to complete things. Productivity Managing yourself Digital Article


Sell Your Product Before It Exists

Harvard Business Review

While most startups who set up pages on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or a host of other crowdfunding sites are looking to hit a specific goal and then get started making their project a reality, a new crop of businesses are using the platform for as a wholly different business model: selling their product before it exists. Coin has managed to test the market without ever actually releasing the physical product. Product development Risk management Sales