Face-to-face networking is still the key to connections.

Strategy Driven

How important is face-to-face networking to sales, relationships, career, and success? I asked my commercial insurance agent, John Cantrell, to give me a synopsis of his networking strategies. He is a MAJOR business networker in Charlotte. I asked John to tell me what networking has meant to him and his business over the last 20 years. Here is John’s networking and leadership history in the Charlotte Chamber: Business Growth Network.

Putting Facebook in Perspective

Harvard Business Review

As you read each one, ask yourself how well they apply to your organization or work. Brands: From Push to Pull. The third shift affects brands and the ways they engage customers, employees, and the public. They don't need brands to tell them what to buy, where to buy, or when to buy. Their social networks do this for them. As I've written in earlier posts, brands need to learn how to attract people into orbit around their brand by generating social gravity.


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Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning

Harvard Business

Ever since the publication of Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline , 25 years ago, companies have sought to become “learning organizations” that continually transform themselves. In every aspect of business, we are operating with mental models that have grown outdated or obsolete, from strategy to marketing to organization to leadership. They look to create network effects through ecosystems of customers, suppliers, and partners.

To Change Your Strategy, First Change How You Think

Harvard Business

” We are in the midst of a massive migration in business models, from managing assets and delivering services to creating technologies and orchestrating networks. According to research by one of us (Barry), technology- and network-based business models are more profitable, enable faster growth, and are more rewarded in the marketplace. ” GE recognizes that a networked business model requires a networked organization. Tim Evans for HBR.

Get Started with Big Data: Tie Strategy to Performance

Harvard Business Review

In a recent Harvard Business Review article we explore how companies require three mutually supportive capabilities to fully exploit data and analytics: an ability to identify and manage multiple sources of data, the capacity to build advanced analytic models, and the critical management muscle to transform the organization. The committee focused the team's efforts on two questions: "How competitive are our brands in the minds of users when they make purchase decisions?"