Corporate Entrepreneurship: Turn Irony into Opportunity

In the CEO Afterlife

Corporate giants dominated markets and gobbled up competitors; along the way they failed to cope with rapid change. The brain viewed the masses below it as the muscle. Human Resources Life Career Management Entrepreneurship

The Future of You

Harvard Business Review

Having a great job does not guarantee your career success; your competence no longer depends on what you know; and being an affluent consumer matters less than becoming a sought-after product. In today's world, self-branding matters more than any other form of talent, not least because the mass market is unable (or unwilling) to distinguish between branding and talent. Career planningEconomic and technological changes are reshaping the nature of work.

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The Lonely Lobby of the Job Hotel

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They went to the market with a strategy that was just about working and found jobs that were just about right. In a noisy market it's harder for the right employer and candidate to meet, but there are genuine opportunities out there: organizations are looking for enthusiastic and capable people and don't know how to find them. But the mass market doesn't work for candidates or employers — every appointment is a niche appointment.

Hybrid Business Models Look Ugly, but They Work

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When the Microsoft Surface first appeared, many critics panned it as a clumsy move into hardware — a device that was stuck in the middle, a half-step behind the hot market for tablets and only a half-step beyond the dying market for PCs.

To Spur Growth, Target Profitable "Prosumers"

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In my teacher's mind, it was an investment in a future career. But my parents gave in, and purchased a beautiful viola that helped me sit 1st and 2nd chair in high school and college respectively, but doesn't help in my consulting career.

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Making Room for Reflection Is a Strategic Imperative

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The most disruptive, unforeseen, and just plain awesome breakthroughs, that reimagine, reinvent, and reconceive a product, a company, a market, an industry, or perhaps even an entire economy rarely come from the single-minded pursuit of the busier and busier busywork of "business." Cross-functionalizing the marketing mix to drive incremental revenue generation opportunities" isnt reflection (and heaven knows few breakthroughs ever lie down that path ).