5 Ways in Which Outsourcing is Leading Today’s Companies to Massive Growth

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Many small to medium sized businesses already contract the services of outsourced professionals, such as accountants and marketing strategists, but haven’t yet understood that those services can be classified as outsourced! Today it is possible to hire an accounting service in New York City, for example, when your base of operations is in Portland, Oregon. As mentioned above, accounting and marketing are two of those professional services which can be safely and easily outsourced.

Corporations Weren’t Designed to Run on Code

Harvard Business Review

Corporations in particular are duty bound to grow by any means necessary. ” Like a shark that must move in order to breathe, corporations must grow in order to survive. This requirement is in their very DNA or, better, the code we programmed into them when we invented them; seeing as how that was close to 1,000 years ago, corporations have had a pretty long and successful run as the dominant business entity. The corporate program has reached its limits.


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The Faustian Bargain of Online Services

Harvard Business Review

Yet the complexity of cloud-based technology also helped me catch the perpetrator. The platform the perpetrator used to read my email was a cloud-based email provider corporate account. As I was already using a different address in my department, I set up the ministry-wide account to "forward and delete" all incoming messages to my main account. I assumed this would have kept the ministry account empty. Online marketing Social media Technology

What’s the Endgame for Social Media?

Harvard Business Review

To tap into social business’ greater value, it will take more than launching a few corporate accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (represented by the 42% above). The coming years will see more large and small businesses shifting social media from just the corporate level or just the division level to both the corporate and division level (represented by 22% in this Altimeter chart). People trust individuals, not corporations.

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Six Strategy Insights RIM's New CEO Can Use

Harvard Business Review

Apple changed the nature of a smartphone from a corporate to a consumer device, and RIM has failed to reinvent itself accordingly. Trend lines, market sizing, and competitive benchmarks that served companies well during periods of gradual market evolution do little good in industries where new technologies create seismic shifts, demand is uncertain, and rivals emerge from left field. Is it Apple's consumer appeal, or the declining influence of corporate IT managers?