Sun.Nov 19, 2023

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Team Failure: How to Keep Morale High & Relationships Tight #LeadMorale

Kate Nasser

How to keep morale high & relationships positive amid team failure. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ Author, Leading Morale The post Team Failure: How to Keep Morale High & Relationships Tight #LeadMorale appeared first on

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The Societal Factors That Affect Adult Education

The Horizons Tracker

It is generally accepted that learning throughout our lives is important if we’re to adapt to the future of work. Rates of adult education vary considerably, however, and research from the University of Hamburg aims to help us understand why that is. Between August 2022 and October 2022, a comprehensive study was conducted, encompassing interviews with 25 experts from various countries.


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Gratitude is a leadership mission

Skip Prichard

Make gratitude our mission As Thanksgiving week unfolds, let’s pivot our thoughts to a powerful but often overlooked aspect of leadership: gratitude. It’s more than a courtesy; it’s a cornerstone in building resilient, motivated teams. This season, let’s unpack the role gratitude plays in shaping influential leaders. The Quiet Power of Saying “Thank You” Imagine a workplace where acknowledgment is scarce.

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Curiosity Coaching: Powerful Lesson From Executive Coaching Playbook


Aaron Hobbs President of RISE shares his experience in having an executive coach and the benefits he gained, during this interview. Aaron Hobbs is president of RISE ( Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment), a trade association in Washington DC that advocates on behalf of businesses that manufacture, formulate, and distribute pesticides for commercial and residential markets.

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2024 Payroll Calendar Templates

These calendars provide pay period dates and paydays for biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll in 2024. Use them as a reminder or share with employees so they can celebrate payday.

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Economies Based On Renewable Energy Are More Resilient

The Horizons Tracker

New research conducted by Trinity College Dublin has unveiled a compelling link between the use of renewable energy sources and the speed of economic recovery following systemic shocks. This discovery carries significant implications for global energy policies. To arrive at their conclusions, the researchers meticulously examined data from 133 systemic economic crises spanning 98 countries over a four-decade period.

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Looking to The Future: What Is Reasonable Assurance?

HR Digest

There are many employment terms that you should familiarize yourself with and today we are going to answer a simple question—what is reasonable assurance? The definition of reasonable assurance is simply a reliable guarantee of employment for a particular term, usually under predetermined employment conditions. Many employers, primarily in the educational setup such as schools, provide reasonable assurance letters to confirm to their employees that they will be able to return to work and continu

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