Sat.Jul 02, 2011

Intentionally Loving People

Ron Edmondson

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.&# John 15:12. As believers, loving others is not to be an option, it’s to be a lifestyle. No one does that better than my wife Cheryl. Recently we were on a 3 1/2 hour flight to San Francisco.

Trust: If You Build It, They Will Come…and Stay

You're Not the Boss of Me

I wrote this post originally in February 2010 and am recycling it, with some minor modifications, because to me, trust continues to be of paramount importance in building and maintaining strong relationships and strong organizations. I like to remind myself of that from time to time. Trust.

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The Case For Studying Leadership Theory

Eric Jacobson

Author David Burkus recommends reading his new book, The Portable Guide To Leading Organizations , when you decide to engage in a process of real leadership study. And, David believes that leaders should commit today to that study of leadership, and in particular the study of leadership theory.

Scripture Memorization, Week 27

Ron Edmondson

Well, the week number reminds me that we are half way through the year. I hope you are enjoying the Scripture Memorization process this year and, more importantly, that it is making a difference in your life. We’ve been looking at the Roman Road salvation verses for several weeks.

Are you willing to think bigger?

Jason Womack

Knowing what you have to work on - the inventory of options - helps you work smarter, think bigger and make more good things happen. That's a view from the lounge chair in my front yard, where I'm going to be sitting later this afternoon watching the sun go down.)

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Kathy Button Bell (Emerson) in “The Corner Office”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Adam Bryant conducts interviews of senior-level executives that appear in his “Corner Office” column each week in the SundayBusiness section of The New York Times. Here are a few insights provided during an interview of Kathy Button Bell, vice president and chief marketing officer of Emerson, the manufacturing and technology company in St. Louis. A sports background, she [.].



At Eclecticity : Another classic Calvin & Hobbes


Mini Saga #106 – Destiny

Rajesh Setty

Even if you think your book of destiny is already written, you can still edit it. Mini Saga #106 – Destiny. Eight failures in a row. Jim was more than frustrated, “My destiny might have been set the day I was born,” he thought. One day, he got an email with the names of sixty famous people.

Miscellaneous and Fast


Worth a look : Michael J. Totten on his Just Journalism interview. FutureLawyer on the perils of posting on Facebook. Anderson Layman's Blog discusses Eaters and Bakers. Mona Charen on the marriage debate. The Stunt Man": The trailer

On exhibiting potency…

Utpal Writes

Saying I’m sorry ; Agreeing to respectfully disagree; Choosing servant leadership over self-interest; Offering tolerance; Creating coalitions; Respecting the weak, not just the strong; Making sacrifices of short term, number driven gains; Leading beyond your title …. …are different forms of potency. And the good news is: Workplaces, societies and nations around you are looking forward to reward that behavior.

Quote of the Day


The best parachute folders are the ones who jump themselves. Anonymous


Publishing: The Old Order Passeth


Some day a doctoral student will analyze the psychology of the publishing world and conclude that writers suffer from a form of masochism. Agents and publishers routinely treat writers with veiled contempt. How else can one explain a "No simultaneous submissions of queries" policy followed by the faint assurance that the writer will receive an answer within six weeks or even longer? The e-publishing and publish on demand options are going to turn the publishing world upside-down.

"We Cannot Escape History."


Semper Fi: The United States Marine Band and Lincoln historian Allen Guelzo with Aaron Copland's " Lincoln Portrait