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Weekly Round-Up: 3 Lessons in Mental Toughness, Supporting Employees During COVID-19, Test of Leadership, Creating a Crisis Communications Strategy


Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts I've seen over the past week. If you've seen the movie, "A Beautiful Mind," you'll know John Nash was the Princeton genius who received the Nobel Prize for founding non-cooperative, Game Theory. Read more >>

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4 Steps To Become An Aware Leader

The Horizons Tracker

As Don Moore and Max Bazerman explain in Decision Leadership, they’re able to look at data objectively; avoid being misdirected by those who seek to deceive; are aware of things that appear too good to be true; and are generally able to think a few steps ahead.


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How to Help Managers Become More Strategic

Let's Grow Leaders

We found that a strategic approach to leadership was, on average, 10 times more important to the perception of effectiveness than other behaviors studied. There’s strong evidence to support that strategic thinking is one of the most important executive competencies.

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The Prisoner’s (Hedge Fund) Dilemma


They follow the game theory as outlined in the Prisoner’s Dilemma –where as long as both prisoners accused of a crime stay silent, they both receive the least punishment. The game may be up for SAC. The post The Prisoner’s (Hedge Fund) Dilemma appeared first on | Elements of Leadership Blog.

Hedge 74
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Success is not a zero-sum game

Lead on Purpose

In games like chess , one person wins and the other loses. Chris Warner and Don Schmincke , the authors of the book High Altitude Leadership describe what happens when people do not work together. Overcoming selfishness is critical to effective leadership. Product managers are (or should be) the catalyst for this success.

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Do You Play To Win Or To Keep The Game Going?

My Own Coach

But there was something engaging in this fifteen minute short about economics and game theory. In short, even if you win the games that you play, in this complex world there is always a bigger, and infinite game. story leadership' Or do you have your eye on something else, a bigger prize to play for?

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Should You Put World of Warcraft on Your Resume?

Harvard Business Review

Harvard has used high-stakes poker as a real-world game theory laboratory for strategic thinking. But as companies catch up and realize that a new generation of video games makes their players smarter, more alert, and more socially effective as teams, watch those LinkedIn profiles change. Collaboration Hiring Leadership'