Talent Management Best Practice 4 – Know Your Artificial Employment Retainers

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Take Off the Cuffs

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Posted in Leadership Development [link] “Golden handcuffs” is a phrase used to describe a system of financial incentives designed to keep key employees from leaving a company.

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Whoever called them golden handcuffs wasn't joking. What do you regret most about your career?

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When one customer is responsible for the lion’s share of your sales, it’s like golden handcuffs. The challenge is to cast off the handcuffs while keeping the gold.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Lessons to be Learned from the Enron Scandal

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’ It fostered a false sense of security for employees, paying higher salaries than the marketplace, thus keeping employees dependent upon the system via golden handcuffs. This is my own Big Picture full-scope analysis of the Enron debacle.