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How to Reduce Employee Turnover Rate

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Employee turnover rate refers to the number or percentage of employees who leave an organization and have to be replaced by new workers. The problem with employee turnover is that it costs a lot of money and time to replace an employee.

The Boomers are Leaving! – How to Create and Implement a Knowledge.

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How to Create and Implement a Knowledge Transfer Program, part 1 Posted by Ken Ball and Gina Gotsill on November 10, 2010 · 2 Comments The clock is ticking: next year, in 2011, the oldest of the 76 million Baby Boomers turn 65. What’s a manager or executive to do?

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How We Closed the Gap Between Men’s and Women’s Retention Rates

Harvard Business Review

Many companies continue to struggle with advancing and retaining women. We have identified a very different explanation, which is just as critical: the quality of the day-to-day apprenticeship experience. Apprenticeship, the working relationships of junior team members learning alongside experienced colleagues, is critical to mastering the consulting craft and succeeding in professional services. Retention of women in mid-career levels is now at parity with that of men.

Selling Products Is Good. Selling Projects Can Be Even Better

Harvard Business Review

To understand the difference, think of an athletic shoe company, such as Nike or Adidas. A focus on experiences might mean they sell you a membership to a local running club. A focus on solutions might mean they figure out how to help you reach your goal weight. Selling experiences provides intangible benefits that are hard to quantify and measure, often focusing on meeting the needs of one single customer, preventing any mass production. Westend61/Getty Images.

How the Navy SEALs Train for Leadership Excellence

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Their dedication to relentless training and intensive preparation, however, is utterly alien to the overwhelming majority of businesses and professional enterprises worldwide. Before we redid the course, SEAL sniper school had an average attrition rate of about 30 percent.

Planning Maternity or Paternity Leave: A Professional’s Guide

Harvard Business Review

What’s the best way to get ready for your parental leave? How should you set boundaries? And what do you do if you realize that you want to change your work schedule while you’re on leave? The key is to assume a positive outlook. She also talked to her team.

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