Great Innovators Create the Future, Manage the Present, and Selectively Forget the Past

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What’s missing from the managerial toolkit is a way for managers to allocate their—and their organization’s—time and attention and resources on a day-to-day basis across the competing demands of managing today’s requirements and tomorrow’s possibilities. But as anyone who has ever tried to lead innovation knows, the challenge goes beyond being ambidextrous enough to manage today’s business while creating tomorrow’s.

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Introducing 100 Coaches: Pay It Forward Champions

Marshall Goldsmith

I am very excited to announce the selection of the 100 Coaches in our pay-it-forward project! For those of you who haven’t heard of the project, here is a little back story. I made a 30-second video about the project for LinkedIn. Three iconic leaders inspired the 100 Coaches project. Thinkers50 – World’s Most Influential Management Thinkers. Stew Friedman – Practice Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge.


Business organizations are not built for innovation; they are built for efficiency.&# – Vijay Govindarajan In The Other Side of Innovation the authors demonstrate their absolute knowledge of an area that many organizations need more of, innovation! In the first part of the book they take you through the steps to create a project team: 1) Divide the labor. His book Just Ask Leadership - Why Great Managers Always Ask The Right Questions (McGraw Hill 2009).

Why the World Needs Doctors with These 3 Qualities

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health care system, but our five-year research project in India and the U.S. Business discipline: The third key quality of doctorpreneurs is that they pay close attention to finances, capital spending, and management processes because they understand that if their organization is not highly productive, it will not survive and cannot achieve its purpose of serving the greatest number of people. Vijay Govindarajan Ravi Ramamurti. David Leahy/Getty Images.

Before Hiring a Design Partner, Consider This

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It''s your job to pour what you know into the project and travel with the team: think of it as an equal partnership. Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble have written at length on the challenges of execution in their book, The Other Side of Innovation. Design Project management Design is a service, not a magic spell. There are designers who do it well, and those who do it poorly ; some produce profitable outcomes, and some waste money.

It's Time to Rethink Continuous Improvement

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As Fujio Ando, senior managing director at Chibagin Asset Management suggests, "Japan's consumer electronics industry is facing defeat. As innovation thinker Vijay Govindarajan says , "The more you hardwire a company on total quality management, [the more] it is going to hurt breakthrough innovation. Too many continuous improvement projects focus so much on gaining efficiencies that they don't challenge the basic assumptions of what's being done.

The $300 House: The Corporate Challenge

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Editor's note: This post is one in an occasional series on Vijay Govindarajan's and Christian Sarkar's idea to create a scalable housing solution for the world's poor. As Robert Freling (another contributor to this series ) has so elegantly demonstrated with Solar Electric Light Fund projects, it's possible to create a simple solution that simultaneously takes on multiple fundamental issues.

31 Innovation Questions (and Answers) To Kick Off the New Year

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I thought it would be helpful to provide the list of 31 questions, and my one sentence perspective on each question, as it dovetails with my current book project (tentatively titled, The Little Black Book of Innovation.) Almost always longer than initial projections; be patient for growth and impatient for profits. How should I form and manage innovation teams? What is the best way to manage an innovation portfolio?

The $300 House: The Urban Challenge

Harvard Business Review

Editor's note: This post is one in an occasional series on Vijay Govindarajan's and Christian Sarkar's idea to create a scalable housing solution for the world's poor. Among his early projects are some of the first high-rise buildings ever to be constructed in Silicon Valley.

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