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The Art of Switching Between Leadership Styles

Coaching Tip

The social distance that separates individuals from those in positions of authority, whether in a formal or more informal structure, defiined by gender, age or cultural differences. What is THE POWER GAP?

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How to Avoid a Business Data Breach

Strategy Driven

A better information structure allows you to manage access to sensitive information meticulously. Finance officers can only access information assigned to their department.

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How to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth

Skip Prichard

Companies often focus on integrating the operational elements (the policies and procedures, rules and regulations), but don’t give equal time to the human elements (the relationships and informal structures). Conduct talent reviews sooner rather than later and identify the “keepers.”

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What Makes an Organization “Networked”?

Harvard Business Review

So matrices, in a sense, led to the worst of both worlds, a cumbersome organizational structure and the inability to adapt to fast changing contexts. The truth is that networks are informal structures. The changes mainly had to do with informal structure, communication and forging a shared purpose.

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What Top Sales Teams Have in Common, in 5 Charts

Harvard Business Review

Forty-eight percent of the participants from underperforming sales organizations indicated they had nonexistent or informal structured sales processes compared to only 29% from high performing sales organizations. High-performing sales organizations hold their team members to a higher level of accountability.

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3 Ways to Make Less Biased Decisions

Harvard Business Review

For example, structured interviewing processes, in which the questions are consistent across candidates, have been found to reduce bias relative to unstructured or free-form interviews. Finally, you can put new forms of accountability in place so that it becomes clear when bias is occurring.

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5 Ways Leadership Can’t Be “Normal” Anymore

Ron Edmondson

Leaders today must continually strive to find the balance between formal and informal structures. Team members need to help shape the course of action. It is critical to an organization’s success. Nate and I have finished our fall semester at the Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast. New episodes will begin in early 2021.