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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Tulsa Movie

Joseph Lalonde

Starring Livi Birch as the precocious Tulsa and Scott Pryor as a down-and-out Marine biker named Tommy, Tommy’s […]. I had the pleasure of watching the movie Tulsa this past weekend through a screener that I was provided. I was able to kick back and watch this touching movie in the comfort of my own home.

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Book Review: Good Awkward

Roundtable Talk

Book: Good Awkward By Henna Pryor Reviewed by: Glain Roberts-McCabe The Premise In Good Awkward, author and TEDx speaker Henna Pryor invites her readers to “embrace the embarrassing and celebrate the cringe to become the bravest you.”

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The Big Picture of Business – Tribute to a Great Mentor. Remembering Cactus Pryor.

Strategy Driven

Mine was legendary humorist and media figure Cactus Pryor. His father, Skinny Pryor, owned a movie theatre and entertained audiences with comedy routines during intermissions. Today, when I use nouns as verbs and place business terms out of context to make people think creatively, I’m thinking back to Cactus Pryor.

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Top 3 Takeaways from “Be Awkward”

Roundtable Talk

Henna Pryor joined me to share highlights and wisdom from her new book Good Awkward: How to embrace the embarrassing, celebrate the cringe and become the bravest you.

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Servant Leadership Observer – October 2011

Modern Servant Leader

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: Former Red Cross exec Vikki Pryor addresses Servant Leadership Conference. This piece recaps Pryor’s keynote at the Pastoral Institute’s annual Servant Leadership Conference. I had the good fortune to hear Pryor at the Greenleaf conference a couple years ago and highly recommend her.

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"Think About What You Have To Do, and Do Something You're Thinking About"

Jason Womack

One book I read, "Don't Shoot the Dog," by Karen Pryor, taught me about the power of reinforcement. It wasn't about controlling the students, she taught me, it was about getting them to want to succeed. I realized I needed to think differently about my own philosophy of teaching and learning.

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Conflict Resolution Techniques: Question Your Assumptions | Guy.

The Recovering Engineer

Fred Pryor Seminars Dealing with Difficult Customers-set of 3 says: July 6, 2010 at 6:10 pm [.] He now enjoys speaking, writing, and teaching these relationship principles to others. Conflict Resolution Techniques: Question Your Assumptions | Guy … [.] Reply What Do You Think?

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