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Creating Shared Value: An Interview with Becky Schmitt

HR Digest

From the vantage point of a lifelong career in human resources, Becky Schmitt talked with The HR Digest about the various programs which have put Cognizant on the global map as one of the top companies for star performers. Becky Schmitt: At Cognizant, we are working to create conditions where everyone can thrive.

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Someone to Know: Q&A with Rockwell Automation Senior Vice President of Human Resources Susan Schmitt


Susan Schmitt! What do strategy, saddles and sequins all have in common? Susan is Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Rockwell Automation. She is leading the company’s efforts to build leadership capability and make Rockwell a place where employees are energized to do their best work and attract the very best talent.

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Experiential Marketing: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Schmitt Free Press (1999) In an earlier book, Marketing Aesthetics (1997), co-authored with Alex Simonson, Schmitt argues that “most of marketing is limited because of its focus on features and benefits.&# Experiential Marketing: How to Get Customers to Sense, Feel, Think, Act, and Relate to Your Company and Brands Bernd H.

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Architect Your Leadership – Part 3 – The Blueprint

Modern Servant Leader

CC License, courtesy Dick Schmitt. At the same time, a solid, thick wall prevents you from seeing the outside world as well. How many windows should your building have? Do you plan to be more or less transparent and more or less vulnerable? The taller your structure, the better the view.

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A Guide to People Analytics for Every HR to Succeed

HR Digest

We have leveraged diversity data to establish female hiring and retention goals for our top leaders,” says Becky Schmitt, executive vice president and chief people officer at Cognizant. When it comes to Cognizant, the role of people analytics is to create conditions where everyone can thrive.

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Our Unhealthy Obsession with Winning

Harvard Business Review

You can't help but feel the heartbreak when an Olympic athlete falls just short of winning: Taylor Phinney missing a medal by inches in Olympic cycling; Allison Schmitt losing the gold medal by 3/10ths of a second in the 400 meter freestyle in swimming; four U.S. archers losing the gold to Italy on the final arrow, by a single point.

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The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson – A Big Book

First Friday Book Synopsis

Our mattresses were made of corn shucks and soft gray Spanish moss that hung from the trees…. From the swamps we got soup turtles and baby alligators And from the woods we got raccoon, rabbit and possum. Mahalia Jackson, Movin’ On Up Richard Wright, the bard of the Great Migration, defected to the receiving station [.].

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