Pricing Strategy: Pricking the Veil of Value Exchange

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The marketing orientation focuses the purpose of the firm towards serving customer needs profitably – an orientation supported by the late greats Peter Drucker and Theodore Levitt. Pricing is a strategic challenge, not an engineering challenge.

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The Strategic Value of APIs

Harvard Business Review

The API is the core engine driving this strategy. Then TweekDeck, a third-party developer, built a better user interface on top of the Twitter engine.

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When Do Regulators Become More Important than Customers?

Harvard Business Review

Then one of the engineering executives, a fracking enthusiast and unconventional extraction technologies champion, spoke up. With apologies to Ted Levitt , a new “Marketing Myopia 2.0”

Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Rivals

Harvard Business Review

Theodore Levitt's classic theory -- in under two minutes. A real-estate search engine might actually “sell” wise decision making, through the process of making the largest transaction their customers will ever make. Dave Wheeler for HBR. The starting point of most competitive analysis is a question: Who is your competition? That’s because most companies view their competition as another brand, product, or service.

More Universities Need to Teach Sales

Harvard Business Review

Compared to professions like engineering or business disciplines like Finance or Operations, the concept of a dedicated salesperson is relatively recent. paul garbett FOR HBR. For decades, Sales and Academia remained worlds apart and the business world did fine.