Why Everyone's Working So Hard

Marshall Goldsmith

While IBM would always fire employees for ethical violations, almost no one was fired because of poor performance. If you wore a white shirt, showed up, and met minimal expectations, you had a job for your entire career. Overall, the professional work ethic has increased in a world where the value of performing can bring greater rewards, while the cost of nonperformance can bring severe and immediate punishment.

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It’s Time to Make Business School Research More Relevant

Harvard Business

Using these publications as the main “currency” for career advancement has produced four unintended consequences. First, counting solely or primarily “A” journal publications when determining rewards, recognitions, and other career advancement-prizes communicates, in essence, that professors won’t advance if they choose to publish in outlets that are more widely read by managers. spiderstock/Getty Images.


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The Future of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

The challenge for business schools will be that most of their faculty don’t have coaching expertise and credentials, so when it’s outsourced, it’s often not fully integrated into the program. Lots of people are planning to work beyond the traditional retirement age, and many of them are looking to make a career change (moving into a not-for-profit, etc…). The idea is that leadership development needs are very different depending on your age and where you are in your career.

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I will onshore, offshore, outsource, insource, or execute whatever business strategy I implement without regard for diversity. In evaluating any relationship in the value chain I’m looking for value, talent, performance, leverage, efficiency, economy of scale, work ethic, integrity, character, discipline and many other traits irrespective of your skin color, age, etc. A sense of entitlement is not a substitute for work ethic and a desire to achieve.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Freelance

Harvard Business Review

“The most successful freelancers know how to use their network for all sorts of things, like outsourcing work when they have too much,” Horowitz explains. As with any career transition, it’s important to seek advice from those with more experience and expertise than you. “You need to be self-motivated, have good organizational skills, and a strong work ethic,” explains King. Job search Career planning Managing yourself ArticleSiyan Ren.

The Big Picture of Business: Been There, Done That

Strategy Driven

With a wealth of expertise available via outsourcing, one can quickly become a ‘kid in a candy shop,’ wanting whatever is readily available or craftily packaged. That’s what they have done for most of their careers. (2 99.99999 percent of actual management consultants come from five basic career orientations and fit onto one of the five branches of The Business Tree : Technical or niche industry orientation.

6 Rules for Building and Scaling Company Culture

Harvard Business Review

Will it mean that you expect employees to follow a certain promotion path and career timeline? These types of leaders have not just an incredible passion and work ethic for what they do, but a cultural ethic in that how they do what they do inspires others. Great founders start businesses not to create a company but to solve a problem, to serve a calling, and to understand that they have a purpose that can actually make a meaningful difference.