The CEO “X Factor:” Do You Have It?

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I’ve often written that the very best leadership development program I’ve ever seen or experienced as a participant or coach is the Magnetic Leadership Program offered through Profitability Business Simulations.

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Just Announced: Magnetic Leadership Training Opportunity in Chicago

C-Level Strategies

A wonderful, new opportunity for those of you interested in the Magnetic Leadership Program offered by ProfitAbility Business Simulations has just been announced – and I wanted to share it with all of you! Lisa providing leadership coaching to Magnetic Leadership participants.

Five Signs You’re a Magnetic Leader

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I have to admit that going into the program I wasn’t convinced that a leadership simulation would truly enable others to get a real feel for someone’s leadership style, approach, strengths and weaknesses. The Simulation.

How You Can Become a Truly Magnetic Leader

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Safe environment: Because of the nature of the simulation, the individual’s natural leadership style easily surfaces. Given that this happens in a simulation rather than real-world situation, the leader is free to learn about themself without any downside.

Magnetic Leadership: Do You Live It?

C-Level Strategies

I’m thrilled to be participating in an exciting new business simulation course on Magnetic Leadership that takes place today and tomorrow at Wrigley Field in Chicago and is being presented by Profitability Business Simulations. The Simulation.

3 Things CEOs Should Never Lose Sight of in Social Media

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I just spent two full days in a phenomenal leadership simulation program entitled, “Magnetic Leadership&# that was conceived, created and offered by Profitability Business Simulations.

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Responsibility in Business and Society

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Strategic decision making based on data and dialogue via the Responsible Business Simulator. We developed the Responsible Business Simulator to over come the obstacles encountered by spreadsheet models for strategic decision making. Just like a spreadsheet model is built within a spreadsheet software environment--typically Microsoft's Excel--the Responsible Business Simulator has been programmed in a mathematical modelling software environment call AIMMS.

GC33: Playing a Better Game of Business | with Simcha Gluck of FreshBiz

Engaging Leader

Gamification concepts continue to be integrated as part of normal business practices; sometimes it’s as subtle as taking inspiration from certain game elements when tweaking a business process, and at the other end of the spectrum, sometimes it’s literally creating a game for people to play. As long-time listeners of Jesse’s podcasts know, he’s passionate about the power of business and communication to make a positive difference in communities and in individual lives.

StrategyDriven Podcast Episode 46 – Your Leadership Off-Site is Wasting a Lot of People’s Time

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Over the course of his career, he has personally designed and facilitated business simulation-based experiences for more than 8,000 executives and managers at leading Fortune 50 organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Toyota, and others.

What They Don’t Teach You in Business School: The Commencement Speech I Wish I’d Heard 30 Years Ago

Terry Starbucker

Dear Business School Graduates of 1982: Congratulations! The professors tried to teach us as much as they could about business and #leadership, and in turn, I tried to absorb as much as I could. Well, in business, there are DEADLINES. Starbucker Graduates, 1982.

Leadership Development is not Supposed to be FUN

Great Leadership By Dan

Getting tough feedback, taking on a stretch assignment, being promoted to a new, unfamiliar role, working with a coach, making mistakes, and sweating thorough a realistic simulation or role play may be challenging and rewarding, but usually not a lot of fun.

StrategyDriven Professional Podcast Episode 4 – Skills Mismatch: Business Acumen and Strategy Execution

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StrategyDriven Professional Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques business professionals can use to accelerate their careers and personal goals achievement. marketplace shortage of executives and managers with business acumen skills and the impact on companies with this skills deficiency.

What Every CEO Should Know About Talent Alignment

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After writing that post I had the pleasure of participating in the Magnetic Leadership Program offered by ProfitAbility Business Simulations as a facilitator and leadership coach. Simulation One. Simulation Two.

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Feeling Ambivalent About Your Boss Hurts Your Performance Even More Than Disliking Them

Harvard Business Review

and the rest of the participants were undergraduate students at a UK university who engaged in a business simulation. TommyL/Getty Images. Developing good relationships is a crucial aspect of leadership. Research shows that when people have a good relationship with their leaders, they’re more motivated, they perform better, and they’re more likely to go the extra mile to support their team. These positive effects have appeared across a wide range of jobs and cultures.

Research: We’re Not Very Self-Aware, Especially at Work

Harvard Business Review

If you’ve participated in a training or development program in the past two decades, chances are you took an assessment designed to increase self-awareness.

The Top Six Innovation Ideas of 2011

Harvard Business Review

That is, the importance of "research & development" to business innovation. From Farmville to Pharmville: We Got Game in Business. There will be a Farmville counterpart or equivalent that becomes a welcome teaching and/or business simulation and learning tool in the enterprise. That's right. These six ideas emerged in 2010 as powerful "innovation invitations" and seem sure to intensify in power and influence.

Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders

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Too many business leaders today are out of touch with the employees they lead. Business simulations or unstructured large group dialogues are examples of this. Given the uncertainty in their industry, it was impossible for senior management to know what their long-term business strategy or organizational model would look like.

Games Can Make You a Better Strategist

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Play has long infused the language of business: we talk of players, moves, end games, play books and so on. First, there has never been a greater need for companies to learn new ways of doing things in response to a complex and dynamic business environment. We think that the next generation strategy apps will finally be able to prove a real business case. Many strategy games and simulations we use today have their origin in the military sphere.

The Portable Leader Is the New “Organization Man”

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I met Tanya years ago, at a global corporation where she led a business unit and enjoyed a reputation as a formidable mentor. “The thing I always keep in mind,” she told me with obvious pride, explaining her approach to management as we walked through a bustling open office, “is that these people are the best talent in the business. Depending on where the market is heading and the trends we see in business, I am very open to different things. Diana Ong.