Organizational Transformation Requires Leadership at all Levels

Great Leadership By Dan

Leadership in actively and effectively engaging with key stakeholders and sustaining their buy-in ensures the expected business outcomes are realized at each phase or stage gate of the organizational transformation. Guest post from Satish P.

Innovation's Nine Critical Success Factors

Harvard Business Review

Unless people understand why innovation is necessary, it always loses to core business or the performance engine in the battle for resources. The performance engine is bigger, is the center of power, and can justify resources based on short term financial results. Incremental innovation can be pushed down into the organization where the strategy is clear, decision metrics are understood, and management models like Stage-Gate create a level playing field.

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Putting Humans at the Center of Health Care Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Each locates interdisciplinary innovation labs within or near hospital environments; involves diverse stakeholders beyond clinicians (designers, engineers, business professionals, and patients) early in the innovation process ; and engages end users in customizing solutions for their own needs. This is the first time within the NHS that designers, engineers and clinicians have been brought together to co-create. Bogdan Dreava/EyeEm/Getty Images.

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Taming Your Company's Most Elusive Beast

Harvard Business Review

R&D investments have been made, stage/gate processes have been built, creativity training courses have been run, and yet the outputs — exciting new products and services — don't seem to be falling into place. Consider, for example, the UK software company, Red Gate.

Can’t Find a Steve Jobs? Hire an Innovation Organizer Instead

Harvard Business Review

Never allow the organization to over-engineer the innovation process. As an example consider stage-gates, decision points at which time new products are reviewed before moving forward in the development process. Improving innovation is one of the key competencies that companies often look for when replacing a CEO.

The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company

Harvard Business Review

Over the past two decades, we’ve led dozens of innovation projects and have talked to thousands of managers about the challenge of building a high-performance innovation “engine.” So what are the parts of the innovation engine that most often get left out?