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10 Ways to Show Up as a Positive Leader When the House is on Fire

Leadership Freak

Good Afternoon Dan, So here is my question. I would love some advice on, how the heck can I get myself to show up as a positive leader day-to-day. This reader’s question was… Continue reading → Optimism Stress

175: The Excellence Dividend | with Tom Peters

Engaging Leader

In the next two decades, nearly 50% of white-collar jobs are at risk, either to automation or artificial intelligence (AI), according to analysis by Oxford University. Every leader and every worker need to ask: What will be left for people to do that machines can’t do better or cheaper?

Unstoppable: 12 Ways to Find the Courage to Continue

RapidStart Leadership

“How do your find the courage to continue?” ” Teddy Roosevelt once reminded us that “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.” ” But in our struggles to achieve, that difficulty can be enough to make us want to quit. Where can we … Unstoppable: 12 Ways to Find the Courage to Continue Read More ». The post Unstoppable: 12 Ways to Find the Courage to Continue appeared first on RapidStart Leadership.

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Three Important Points to Include in Your Business Plan

Strategy Driven

Business plans are a prelude to success, and failing to create one is a mistake that too many small businesses make.

How to Overcome Dingbat Ideas

Leadership Freak

Our grandchildren love hearing mimi and poppi say, “Ya Dingbat.” I call myself dingbat. I say, “Ya dingbat,” to mimi and she calls me dingbat. I enjoy calling the grandchildren dingbats. Someone has… Continue reading → Optimism Personal Growth Success weaknesses Growth Leadership Development organizational success

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You Lose What You Don’t Use

Joseph Lalonde

Every year I look forward to ice climbing in February. Every year I remember how much fun I had climbing frozen waterfalls in Munising and the camaraderie of my ice climbing buddies. I also remember how easy ice climbing came to me my first year. Image by Freddy Bahena.

4 Reasons Why I Hate Policies and 4 Suggestions to Improve Them

Ron Edmondson

I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of most policies. It may be because I’m not a very good rule follower, but I honestly don’t think many policies work as well as they are intended. Policies are defined as a course, plan or principle of action.

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22 Resources For Developing Ethical Thinking

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton This week I'm sharing a collection of hand-picked resources that will help you upgrade your thinking. With all of the ethical messes in the news recently, this seems to be the right time to help you focus on PREVENTION as applied to thinking. It's our thinking, after all, that determines what we decide to do under pressure. .

Ethics 122

A Chill


Art Contrarian features the automobile illustrations of Walter Gotschke. The one below is from the opening of the autobahn and it brings a chill


Heartburn Home Remedies

2020 IT Leader

Are you suffering from heartburn? Are you in search for the effective heartburn remedies that will solve your problem? You’re in luck! Continue reading for the effective natural heartburn home remedies that will hopefully stop acid reflux and eventually solve your problem. Bothered by the pain of heartburn? Be bothered no more! There are great natural heartburn remedies that are


Keeping Your Distance


[Photo by Matthew Henry at Unsplash] There is a level of professional detachment and objectivity that is a significant component of some jobs even if everyone is working for the same employer. Make that especially if everyone is working for the same employer

Four Ways to Customize a Change Management Approach to Fit Your Organization

Change Starts Here

At last month’s Organization Change Alliance meeting in Atlanta, five panelists shared their experience with building change capability within their organizations.

Finding Common Ground to Defend Free Speech


It is heartening to see the range of support for free speech in the trailer for the film "No Safe Spaces

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Someone to Know: Q&A with The Way Women Work Founder Rania Anderson


Women are one of the most underutilized resources, according to Rania Anderson, a leader and keynote speaker you should know. Our paths recently crossed and as a father of two girls, I was immediately inspired by the important work she does to advance business results by intentionally recruiting, retaining and advancing women in the workplace.

The Reverse Connections Twist


[Photo by Olu Eletu at Unsplash] I've frequently seen a twist on the famed benefit of having connections. Call it "reverse connections" or the benefit of not having connections. For example, a relative of an influential executive wanted a job with the organization.

Understanding Your Gaps and How to Embrace Your Greatness

Lead from Within

In this 20-minute podcast, listen to Jesse Lyn Stoner and Lolly Daskal talk about how to embrace your gaps in order to step into your greatness. The post Understanding Your Gaps and How to Embrace Your Greatness appeared first on Lolly Daskal.

All the Small Things


[Photo by Nathan Lemon at Unsplash] You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction. Alvin Toffler


Amazon Kindle, trainers and a Virtual Library

Rapid BI

Technology is changing all the time, but slowest is display technology. is the Kindle e-book reader from Amazon a valuable tool for professionals? The post Amazon Kindle, trainers and a Virtual Library appeared first on RapidBI.

Another Film on the Charms of Rural Life?


The trailer for "Goodland

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Why Monitoring Your Employees’ Behavior Can Backfire

Harvard Business Review

Raymond Gehman/Getty Images. Today, monitoring technologies are increasingly inexpensive—and staggeringly expansive. This has made it easier than ever for managers to intensively monitor employees at work. These technologies run the gamut, from body-worn cameras and closed-circuit televisions, to traceable identification cards and keystroke trackers.

Drone City


The trailer for "Hover


How to Manage an Insecure Employee

Harvard Business Review

hamzaturkkol/Getty Images. When employees lack self-confidence, it can be hard to get them to perform at their best. So how can you help them excel at their job? What kind of coaching should you provide? What’s the best way to boost their self-esteem? And how do you deal with your own frustration around their insecure behavior? What the Experts Say.

First Paragraph


On Monday, May 31, 1982, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sat behind the mahogany desk in her cream and gold office at 10 Downing Street when an aide entered the room. Ronald Reagan was on the telephone. From Thatcher by Jacob Bannister


Case Study: Can This Japanese Snack Food Company Break into the U.S. Market?

Harvard Business Review

HBR Staff/Arata Photography/Getty Images. “Cheetos! Please Cheetos!” ” Riku Nakamura’s daughter, Akari, lunged toward the grocery store shelf. His wife, Aoi, sighed. “Remind me: Why are we walking down this aisle again?” ” “I wanted to see how rice cakes are displayed. I don’t understand why our rice crackers can’t be in this section, too.” ” Aoi nodded at the Cheetos bag Akari was now clutching to her chest.

Quote of the Day


If you want to know who actually has the power in our society and who is actually marginalized, ask which ideas get you sponsorships from Google and Pepsi and which get you fired. Kevin D. Williamson

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Fellini Time


The trailer for "8 1/2