Ten Types of Innovation: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs Larry Keeley with Ryan Pikkel, Brian Quinn, and Helen Walters John Wiley & Sons (2013) “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Thomas Edison With regard to the Edison quotation, I agree while presuming to add, “Execution without discipline is merely activity.” ” Larry Keeley wrote this book with […].

Combining Methods To Boost Your Web Presence

Strategy Driven

Photo courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski. Social media sites can give you access to your market. Marketing & Sales marketing and sales strategydriven web presenceIt’s probably the biggest question for your business. How do I get noticed?’. Well, how do you?

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30 Influencers Behind the Brands We Love

Lead Change Blog

What can we learn from these top digital marketers, and how do we engage and influence them? Tami Cannizzaro ( @tamicann ), Vice President, Marketing, IBM. Julia Quinn ( @JuliaAQuinn ), Director, Social Media, Amtrak.

Why More Executives Should Consider Becoming a CHRO

Harvard Business Review

Lucia Luce Quinn is Chief People Officer at Forrester Research. Phil Johnston, an executive search leader at Spencer Stuart, confirms that Quinn’s initial reaction wasn’t unusual: “When a CEO asks a business leader to run HR, the most frequent response is ‘What did I do wrong?’ ” When Quinn accepted the CHRO role at Boston Scientific, her HR organization planned to implement a program even though they knew it probably would not work.

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Myths of the Gig Economy, Corrected

Harvard Business Review

In our 2018 EY Growth Barometer, an annual global survey of middle market company leaders, we found some movement away from part-time and gig hiring. Quinn Mills, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, in an interview. Nattapol Poonpiriya/Getty Images.

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Why Your Brain Hates Performance Reviews

Harvard Business Review

Essentially, a few astute farmers created the apple, it was heavily marketed as the epitome of what an apple should be, people bought it, and then it was genetically altered to the point where it was stunning to look at but miserable to eat. A Golden Age Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest The New Yorker Zoe Quinn suffers from depression, but fortunately she found her passion: inventing video games.

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Asian Leaders Value Creativity and Intuition More than Europeans Do

Harvard Business Review

More generally, we find greater proportions of respondents in emerging markets falling into the leadership camp we would call “modernist.” As one example, Harvard Business School’s Quinn Mills has made this prediction : “As Asian companies rely more on professional employees of all sorts, and as professional services become more important in Asian economies … Asian leadership will come to more resemble that of the West.”. Do leadership styles differ around the world?

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