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How to Help Managers Become More Strategic

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In a recent HBR article, Robert Kabacoff shares his research of 60,000 managers in 40 countries. Managers can learn to be more strategic through understanding, exposure and challenge. Instead invest in your highly talent managers and teach them the art of strategy. How Help a Manager Become More Strategic.

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How Teams Can Function When They Have Conflicting Goals

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How do teams manage to function when their goals are conflicting however? This was joined by a computer model that utilized Bayesian statistics and differential game theory to simulate such interactions. Teams are understandably most effective when their goals are both clearly articulated, and shared between all participants.

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Would You Pay To Change A Game Before Playing It?

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Games are largely seen as enjoyable ways to pass the time, with the outcome not to be taken too seriously, but of course game theory defines games more broadly as any interaction between decision makers who probably have well-defined (if different) preferences. Bending the rules. ”

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Al Roth’s Pioneering Work In “Market Design”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Mangelsdorf and featured online by MIT Sloan Management Review. To check out all the resources, sign up for free email alerts, and obtain subscription information, please click here. * * * Al Roth, expert in game theory, experimental economics, and market design, is all about getting economists more [.].

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The Prisoner’s (Hedge Fund) Dilemma


SAC Manager Arrested for Insider Trading at Hedge Fund. If you speak to most hedge fund managers, they will tell you what they create is efficient markets. Back in March, one SAC Manager (Michael S. by Gary Cohen. Most businesses actually produce something.

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How to hack a management system [brief talk]

Ask Atma

That’s kind of like a project manager on academic steroids. Game theory applications – tapping into mutualistic dynamics. Hacking your management system. [A 5 minute talk given at LA Hackers on April 23, 2011 at Coloft]. My name is Atma. I am an industrial psychologist. Wiring in innovation as a cultural behavior.

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Success is not a zero-sum game

Lead on Purpose

In games like chess , one person wins and the other loses. .&# — The Product Management Perspective: Product managers rely on others to help them succeed. Product managers are (or should be) the catalyst for this success. There are probabably more than one game being played in this situation.