Three things required for resilience


Ask yourself (even in the midst of a corporate restructuring, a job loss, or a dysfunctional organization), “What’s the worst that could happen?” Resilience allows you to weather the bumps of life. Leaders need to be resilient to help others become and stay resilient.

Why Great Brands Lose Their Way

In the CEO Afterlife

I am not suggesting restructuring the entire brand management system. Never in the history of marketing has there been so much talk about branding. The conversation in the world of branding is well beyond product and service brand discussion by marketers and ad agencies.

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The Value of Vision Series – Kate Emery

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We completely restructured – increased transparencies and participative governance, decreased potential egregious discrepancies in pay, and restructured distribution of profits with one-third to employees, one-third to the community, and one-third to shareholders.

The Language Of Leadership

Lead from Within

In leadership language: “I know that this restructuring has been hard for you. 2013 Lolly Daskal. Painters have a brush, sculptors have a chisel, surgeons have a scalpel, and conductors have a baton—and leaders have language. In a way, it is language that makes our reality exist.

5 Keys For Developing An Employee Engagement Strategy

Tanveer Naseer

You can elevate energy levels by restructuring work flow to allow mental breaks during the day, encouraging a supportive and social environment, and amplifying the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding your team’s accomplishments. The following is a guest post by Employee Recognition Director at Hallmark Business Connections, Jonathan McClellan.

Goldman Sachs Decides Restructuring Work Is Possible, After All

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After years of hearing that it was impossible to restructure jobs to make them more doable, guess what? According to The Wall Street Journal , when Goldman Sachs discovered it couldn’t attract and retain the most promising recruits with pay and perks alone, it woke up to the idea that you can actually restructure the way work is done. Now they tell us.

The Fall of Competitive Advantage and the Rise of Transient Advantages


Ann Taylor stores temporarily went through a “lull,” but has also bounced back with a boutique style redesign, improved e-commerce (through multi-channel initiatives where customers’ orders are delivered almost immediately), and restructured pricing strategies. “Strategy is stuck.

Three Ways to Frustrate Employees Going Through Change

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It’s not a “reorg,” but a “strategic restructuring.” The uncertainty and extra work of organizational change can be stressful enough for employees without you unintentionally making things worse.

A Shift in Leadership Can Make a Multi-Million Dollar Impact

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We spent half a million dollars to train our people and restructure our reward systems over 10 years.

Retain Your Top Performers

Marshall Goldsmith

Restructuring has led to fewer layers of management, also to fewer opportunities for promotion. Leaders are debating the changing nature of work and the perceived decline in job security (the lifelong career at a benevolent company is a fading memory) and the erosion of corporate loyalty. Employees are wondering, “If the company is willing to dump me at its convenience, why shouldn’t I dump the company at my convenience?”

Leadership Matters

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with equal rotation of study in the final year of GMI’s Business Administration School, really launched my career at GM and led to my quick progression through the organisation culminating in my leading the team that restructured General Motors in Australia in 1986.

Good News, Bad News: An HBR Management Puzzle on Innovation Execution

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The only bad news is that the steering committee turned down my request of €2 million in additional funds for the 2013 budget. Compared to our original plan, a larger part of the development phase will now be executed in 2013.

Parting Ways with Public Trading

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It is far more likely that the hard work of restructuring will be the task of private equity firms, leveraged buyout firms or hedge funds, all of whom have a financial motivation to make whatever disengagement decisions are necessary to profit from the eventual re-sale of a healthier company.

The Five Traps of High-Stakes Decision Making

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Many preside over multiple restructurings. At some point most executive teams will make a bet-the-company decision. Sometimes they’ll make the right one and will be handsomely rewarded.

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Remember: A Country Is Not a Company

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Usually you work out a repayment schedule with your creditors via a restructuring process. The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer commended his budget to the House of Commons last week to help create a country that " wants to be prosperous, solvent and free."

"Feminine" Values Can Give Tomorrow's Leaders an Edge

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But as developed nations restructure from manufacturing to knowledge and services, my bet is on the moms, or more specifically, women — and men who can think like them.

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Avoiding the Schizophrenic IT Organization

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The logical response might seem to be to restructure and reskill the IT organization (again!)

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If Everyone Hates the FDA Approval Process, Let’s Fix It

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Under adaptive licensing, the clinical-development program is restructured to allow for early approval of a new compound for a limited, typically high-risk population based on valid clinical measures from smaller human studies.

Why Health Care Is Stuck — And How to Fix It

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Although an overlay is less disruptive than restructuring the organization of care, it adds cost and essentially treats the symptom of faulty organization rather than the cause. As a result, progress in truly restructuring health care delivery has been stymied.

Six Classes Your Employer Wishes You Could Take

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The ability to immerse oneself in terabytes of data, identify (individually or collaboratively) what''s most important and restructure it in an accessible, meaningful and usable form for a variety of audiences will increasingly be an essential skill.

What SpaceX Can Teach Us About Cost Innovation

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Though traumatic, the restructuring of GM and Chrysler, including a major reduction in overhead, led to their resurgence since 2009. Earlier this week, the space-transport start-up SpaceX had its most successful launch test yet with Grasshopper, the first fully and rapidly reusable rocket.

Innovating Around a Bureaucracy

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IRS Reform and Restructuring Act of 1998); and an outstanding, senior executive from the private sector, Charles Rossotti , was appointed for a five-year term to drive the changes.

Have a Real Impact; Keep Your Day Job

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Tor many people who want to solve pressing social and environmental problems, founding a social enterprise is the strategy of choice. The lure of establishing an organization that uses market mechanisms to achieve its mission is substantial.

How Korea Can Avoid Japan’s Economic Mistakes

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The government’s welfare spending was too small to dole out benefits to those who lost jobs during business restructurings. The Korean economy is increasing at a rate of less than 3% for the third consecutive year in 2013 – far below its potential growth. Around 20 years ago, Japan’s middle-income class started to collapse. Up until the 1980s, Japan had boasted of its “100-million population, all middle-class society.”

No One’s Talking About the Key to Greece’s Recovery

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The contraction in the Greek banking system, brought about by the crisis, the restructuring of Greek banks, and the imposition of Basel III regulations, has been aggravated by a warrant scheme aimed to support investing in banks rather than the creation of aggregate credit. Yet they hesitate to restructure, hoping that rolling debt over will allow them to restrict their write-offs.

How Chinese Subsidies Changed the World

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If the Chinese government sticks to its decision to stop funding unprofitable solar-panel manufacturers and support a revamping of the industry, more bankruptcies and restructurings are sure to follow.

When Big Companies Fall, Entrepreneurship Rises

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I make this observation fully cognizant of, and sympathetic with, the pain of being tossed out into the street, as so many people are when corporations fail, downsize, or restructure.

Make Yourself Safe for Sponsorship

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During economic downturns and corporate restructuring, it’s often the only thing between you and the door. It’s not uncommon for today’s rising stars to align themselves with high-powered individuals in order to fast-track their careers — and in fact, it’s recommended. But sometimes, it’s not so simple. According to my research , 95% of men and 93% of women say they find it easiest to give and receive guidance in a one-on-one setting.

One Microsoft. Four Ways to Integrate Fiefdoms.

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Last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled a restructuring designed to unite the organization behind a single strategy and create high-value experiences for their customers. One Ford. One Apple. Now one Microsoft. Many more organizational structure changes are likely to come. Because digitization has passed power to the consumer, pressing companies to pull together their old decentralized profit and loss fiefdoms to produce experiences consumers find compelling.

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Prepare for the New Permanent Temp

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It''s not that troubled economies and disruptive innovations inherently shed more jobs than they create; it''s that ongoing global restructuring of markets makes temporary and/or part-time employment more attractive for more organizations. The fastest-growing segments of America''s job market — by far — are temporary and part-time employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of US part-time employees hit a record high of 28 million.

Morning Advantage: Take Your Work Solutions Home

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A year-long report analyzed four daily newspapers’ experiments, which ranged from sales force restructuring to rebranding to digital experiments and outsourcing of services. Fed up with the chaos that was dominating their household, the Starr family of Hidden Springs, Idaho, decided to start running their family like a business.

What A.G. Lafley's Return Means for P&G

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P&G is in the midst of a major restructuring, and has laid off thousands of people. P&G''s board has been under a great deal of pressure from an activist investor who has made his views on the pace of the restructuring clear and vocal. With former CEO A.G.

Remember: A Country Is Not a Company

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Usually you work out a repayment schedule with your creditors via a restructuring process. The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer commended his budget to the House of Commons last week to help create a country that " wants to be prosperous, solvent and free."

A New Model for Innovation in Big Companies

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So nobody was shocked when, for a recent strategy project, Masala passed over many well-known consultancies that he viewed as having already “made a science out of their way of thinking of restructuring.” It seems we’re all racing to get more entrepreneurial. Increasing creativity and innovation is not only on the priority list for start-ups; it’s also a strategic goal for CEOs of small, medium, and large-sized companies.

Eight Brilliant Minds on the Future of Online Education

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And thanks to the way bankruptcy laws were restructured under George W Bush, you can't get out of the college loan even if you become bankrupt. The advent of massively open online classes (MOOCs) is the single most important technological development of the millennium so far. I say this for two main reasons. First, for the enormously transformative impact MOOCs can have on literally billions of people in the world.

Greece in the Balance

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The restructuring of ERT, Greece''s national radio and TV corporation, had been under discussion for a while but the unions and other entrenched interests had so far seen to it that the discussion had gone nowhere. Greece is back in the news, and it''s not all bad. The country hasn''t crashed out of the euro and there''s even talk of " Grecovery ". Major funds, including Third Point LLC , are poised to invest billions of euros in the country.

The Challenges GM Is Facing, and the Reasoning Behind Its Plant Closures

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For example, the Lordstown, Ohio, factory that makes the Chevy Cruze is running one shift a day, down from three a few years ago, and last year produced 180,000 vehicles, down from 248,000 in 2013. Alistair Berg/Getty Images.

GM’s Stock Buyback Is Bad for America and the Company

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government sold off all of its GM holdings in December 2013, U.S. While the restructuring certainly helped GM return to profitability (its annual net income averaged $6.7 billion from 2010 through 2013), it would probably still be bankrupt but for the booming Chinese market.

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What Happened When Linkin Park Asked Harvard for Help with Its Business Model

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But by 2013, Linkin Park and Machine Shop had to address the fact that digital music (first downloads and then streaming) had changed the business dramatically. Photo by Mark Fiore. How do musicians make money today?

As Hopelessness Sets In, Grexit May Be Inevitable

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As the International Monetary Fund recently noted , Greece cannot repay all its loans without both write-offs and long-term restructuring; some say of as much as a third of the country’s debt.

You've Come a Medium-Length Way, Baby

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Perhaps one — in which she suggests restructuring job responsibilities to make sure they don't require more technical qualifications than they really need — might bear some thought today.). Watch for our January-February 2013 issue, which revisits this study.).

To Handle Increased Stress, Build Your Resilience

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The onslaught of mounting stressors include global challenges, such as climate change, terrorism, and political turmoil – as well as personal and professional challenges, such as illnesses, job changes, and organizational restructuring. bettmann/Getty Images. Wherever you live or work, stress is on the rise. According to the International Labour Organization, workers in developed and developing countries are facing increasing strain at work.

Know When to Kill Your Brand

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The brand died a slow death, beginning when Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and then ultimately when its acquirer, Dish Network, decided to shut down all video rental operations in 2013.